21st November 2008

“As mainstream Christian church attendances fall farther still I predict that the Church of England, and finally the Roman Catholics, will be driven to conclude that they cannot even afford to make enemies of homosexuals, unmarried couples and family planners, and start welcoming them in too.”

Matthew Parris

6 Responses to “21st November 2008”

  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    What’s this? Evolution?

    Yes, even the church must evolve. It’s a crying shame that they don’t all just admit that they have been the instigators of a terrible hoax – because I’m pretty sure the leadership knows they have been. But they also know that continuing the lie butters their bread.

    See there! Money really IS the root of all evil.

    Those of us over 60 may not live long enough to see real change, but it is certainly coming.

    Bob Dylan told us that it was blowing in the wind. John Lennon told us to Imagine. Carl Sagan and others fueled or imagination with science and now the 4 Horsemen have touched the minds of millions with irrefutable evidence.

    The change will come, but much too slowly.


  2. chris Says:

    Like drug resistant bacteria.

  3. Antitheist Says:

    I believe evolution is manipulable by intelligent men, in that creating a German Shepherd from a wolf is done through selective breeding. I also believe the evolution of theism is manipulable by intelligent men and will occur at a quicker pace when “religious tax exemption” status is removed from the breeding process.

  4. Tony Pro Says:

    On the bright side, at least us atheists/agnostics haven’t been banned from joining. They welcome us with open arms.
    And the benefits are…

  5. Chris Says:

    Anti – Sorry to pick a nit but selective breeding is NOT the same as evolution. The difference is that evolution is by definition by natural selection. Artificial selection is NOT evolution. Weird breeds of dogs if the artificial selection pressure is removed e.g. left to breed on their own, quickly revert to genetic type which always ends up with a dingo like wild dog body. I only bring it up because religionists love to equate Darwinian Evolution by Natural selection with Aryan master race fantasies of eugenics. They are not the same thing and the dishonest thrust of this line of argument must be blunted when encountered.

  6. John Sutton Says:

    Chris – have you read The Selfish Gene and the Extended Phenotype by Dawkins. I think you will find that there are other interpretations which lead to other possibilities.