25th November 2008

“By discovering evolution, Charles Darwin, a respectable Victorian, probably did more damage to religious faith that any priest-hating revolutionary.”

The Economist

2 Responses to “25th November 2008”

  1. Tony Pro Says:

    You bet he did!
    Because SCIENCE WORKS!!!
    An idea leads to an experiment which supplies evidence that leads to a theory.
    What’s there not to like?
    Reason can’t help but prevail.
    We just need more educators. That’s you. 😉
    Keep spreading the word of science.
    An early Happy Birthday to you Charles!!!! (Feb. 12 1809) 200 years!!!

  2. Chris Says:

    But it’s JUST a theory and on equal footing with alternative theories! On a serious note, I really have a hard time getting my mind around the cognitive dissonance required to believe the bible. You grow up and you’re taught about genesis (not the band) and Adam and Eve and the great flood and Moses setting the Jews free from Egypt and Jesus and then you start finding out things like:

    The earth was not created in 6 days – It was formed by accretion 4.56 billion years ago.
    There was no Adam or Eve (except in the genetic sense) – we are the latest stage in an evolutionary process that’s gone on for billions of years.
    There was not nor could there have been a global flood.
    There is no evidence of the Jews ever having been slaves in Egypt.
    There is no contemporaneous evidence for the life of Jesus in an era when there were many working historians.

    Add to that the many obvious contradictions in the bible and you have no choice, if you are being intellectually honest, to conclude that the entire book is a fabrication, divine start to punitive finish.

    The thing that really gets me is the parsing of words these folks use. The “theory, not fact” line of reasoning. What they stubbornly fail to grasp is that evolution IS a demonstrable fact and that Darwin’s theory is simply a model for explaining that fact. Under all tests the model has never failed. It’s a bit like getting angry with a math professor for proving that spheres are spherical or that an apple will fall toward the earth 100% of the time.

    Yes, I suppose that Darwin is damaging to religious faith but I don’t think he’s any more damaging than science itself! Darwin stuck a knife into its heart by proving that there really isn’t anything “special” about Homo.