1st December 2008

“We live in a country [the UK] in which the proliferation of schools established only to impose particular sets of religious prejudices on young children unable to know, or seek, better is encouraged. Like everything else, it's about 'choice'. If a bleeding heart in school assembly is the price that little Chloe pays for her straight As, then so be it. Her bleeding-heart-liberal parents can treat it as a joke. And if little Mohammed is taught about jihad, and that unveiled little Chloe is a slut, well, that's just up to the parents, isn't it?”

Christina Patterson

3 Responses to “1st December 2008”

  1. Dan the Man, Omaha Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but the reading of this isn’t entirely clear. Is it in reference to some incident with which I’m unfamiliar, or is it just vaguely phrased. I wish the author had stated the case more clearly. I get the gist of it from the last line, but the rest of it is slightly obscure. I’ve re-read it several times and I still don’t think I get it.

  2. Admin Says:

    The context is the UK where faith schools have been proliferating in the last few years. Many parents lie about their faith, or attend church more often than ever before, simply to get their child into these schools because many of them are good academically (primarily because they use ‘faith’ requirements as a covert method of selection on ability that would otherwise be illegal).

    The price of middle class collusion with this system is that we are now having to introduce minority faith schools (on the grounds of equality) and these may not be as benign as the old Church of England primary schools. The whole system is also very divisive socially and ethnically. It’s miles away from the US or French secular system.

    Sorry if the quote is a little obscure but UK folks will recognise what she’s talking about.

  3. Dan the Man, Omaha Says:

    I found the article so I could read it in context. I understood the comparison of “benign” Xian schools versus more sinister kinds. What threw me was the bleeding heart reference. I though both mentions were of liberalism, then I figured out the first was a reference to a bleeding heart as religious iconography.
    Thanks for the help, Admin!