7th December 2008

“You can attack other's political view, criticize a football coach but cannot attack one's religious faith. It's a kind of immunity from criticism that religion enjoys, despite being proven to be mostly illogical.”

Richard Dawkins

3 Responses to “7th December 2008”

  1. Antitheist Says:

    I believe Dick is being over-zealous on this one.

    I never want to ‘attack’ someone’s religion. However, I very much enjoy the debate.

    I never ‘attack’ someone’s political views, I simply share in the debate and discuss the different points of view.

    I get the point, I understand that with most theists, there is no room for debate. I just think that Rick’s bias was peeking through on this one, though he probably speaks the truth, since he DOES attack religion.

    Before I have any religious conversations, the first thing I need to know is, if I can show hard evidence that your thought process is flawed, could you concede. I would surely agree, that if you could prove the existence of God, or prove your religion to be the one true religion without flaw, I would surely convert. Not once, has a theist ever agreed to those terms. The debate ends there, for what purpose could it possibly serve, if there is no chance of them embracing the logic.

  2. Tony Pro Says:

    Try to sway the topic to religion and science every chance you get!
    Thats Dawkins point, and one I vehemently share.
    1. You attack the view point not the person (of course many don’t see it that way but that’s not your fault).
    2. So many (esp. religious) believe this isn’t a topic for debate. That’s only to there advantage; and I do believe with higher scientific literacy, logic/reason can’t help but prevail.
    3. Change occurs about as fast as molasses on the back of a turtle. WE need to jump start the needed dissemination of knowledge.

    How does it benefit society to allow religions attack on reason/logic?
    Religion not only insults intelligence; through the lack of reason, political decisions are wrongly decided. Higher education gets ridiculed and a misguided concept of “freedom of speech” allows the grade school education equal footing in a debate with the doctoral education.
    The permitted usage of ‘lack of reason’ also emboldens the ignorant. How can they reason a quote like “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool, then to speak out and remove all doubt”. I like the bit of fear the ignorant feel about speaking out. Without reason though, they actually can believe they are just as smart as anyone. They are surrounded by cohorts all nodding affirmatively. And the vicious cycle continues.

  3. Antitheist Says:

    Now that’s the fire I was seeking!

    Thank you Tony, my faith in this forum is restored.
    For a while there, I thought I was blogging to myself!!

    Hell yeah! Attack… I believe removing the tax exempt status of religions would be the single largest blow in the fight for freedom from religious tyranny! Attack you say!! Hell yeah! With everything we have.

    Wake up everybody!!! Are Tony and I the only ones visiting this forum?
    How can we put an end to the tax exempt status? Well, now may be the perfect time. With the economy in poor health, the government needs more cash, they could get it from the churches. With Obama in office, we have a chance to make it happen.

    Write letters to your congressmen!! Do it today and everyday!!
    Point out the wealth this country could enjoy if churches had to pay their fair share.

    I’m not kidding, you must write letters EVERY DAY to congress, and demand they allow churches to pull their own weight! Get your friends to write letters as well. Go to the atheist sites on the Internet and request they get their subscribers involved. We need to start the ‘wave’ and get EVERYONE involved on a constant basis, spearheading for this one cause. I am on a mission. I need help to make it happen. When the money dries up at the churches and religion is less profitable, we will have a much better chance of eradicating this disease!

    Please start NOW and continue every day! And now I shall dismount the soap box.