26th December 2008

“Two-thirds of U.S. adults today perceive that the influence of religion in American life is waning, while just 27% believe it is rising. This represents a sharp decline in the image of religion compared with only three years ago, when 50% thought its influence was on an upswing, and marks one of the weakest readings on the influence of religion in Gallup's five-decade history of asking the question.”

Gallup poll

7 Responses to “26th December 2008”

  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    This is some of the most encouraging, exciting and important pieces of statistical data in the history of modern mankind. The kind of exposure that religious quackery is getting will surely cause the walls to weaken – and someday fall.

  2. mike Says:


  3. John Sutton Says:

    Who cares – like most of the world, I don’t live there. Perhaps we should be telling them that they are not the only people on the planet.

  4. Equalizer Says:

    Hey John,
    Go Fuck yourself and the horse you rode in on.
    Life is not always about you and the world doesn’t revolve around you.
    If you want British only quotes, then stay off the “WORLD” wide web!

    You Fuckin’ self-centered Ass Hole!!!

  5. Equalizer Says:

    As for the quote, I love it! I’m glad to see religion is in decline and I will help with that effort EVERYWHERE and anywhere I can! Islam needs to go away first, as they are the deadliest group around.

  6. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    You go on, Equalizer! Sweet! (half pun – semi intended)

  7. Britt Says:

    Its about goddamn time!