1st January 2009

“In a free society those who reject religion must be able to make a reasonable statement of their position without it being regarded as offensive on point of principle. Nor should it be seen as offensive for a rationalist to ask why a form of delusion (a belief without basis in fact), might be implicitly protected from challenge by those who do not share it. If such a principle of protection is extended very far, the stability of our pluralistic society will be under threat.”

Rod Wallace

2 Responses to “1st January 2009”

  1. The Atheist Advocate Says:

    Rod makes sense with this quote. I believe he is trying to say that religion is not above reproach and that atheists should make their refutes in an inoffensive manner in order to keep the dialogue open.
    However, the burden of proof lies with the person or persons making the claim.

    I asked this of a theist during a debate. “Have you ever had sex with another man?” He was obviously upset that I had made the comment. He retorted “NO, I have not!!!” I said that I thought he had, and would tell everyone I knew that he had, unless he could prove that he had not. “Can you prove that you have never had sex with another man?” At that point it dawned on him, that it is impossible to prove something didn’t happen, for the burden lies with the person making the claim.

    I could not prove he did have sex with another man, so the argument was over, indisputably. 🙂

    The same logic holds true with any of the gods.
    Bring forth the proof theists, or stop making the claim!
    For me, it is that simple. I refuse to accept the burden of disproving wild claims of unavailable and invisible fairytale characters.

    Bring the proof to mankind, that is irrefutable, of the existence of any of the many gods made claim to, and I will drop to my knees and worship. Otherwise, I have better things to do with my life than chase your ghosts! And theist, if you find this offensive, then know that I find your ridiculous, unauthenticated claims offensive! I find your history offensive! I find your words on my money and in the pledge of allegiance offensive! And the list goes on…

    Bring me the proof or your argument is lost!

  2. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    Who is Rod Wallace? His quote is excellent, but I can’t spead it about as a bit of wisdom to ponder without some reference to the man. The only person by that name I can find is a football player ~~~