3rd January 2009

“When a criminal demands respect, they don't just demand tolerance but subservience. When religious groups demand respect, what starts off as a demand for tolerance can rapidly end up as a demand to take over your life.”

Professor Simon Blackburn

One Response to “3rd January 2009”

  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    When Christians insist that everyone should learn to understand spirituality and the Bible the way they do, many of them suggest that violence is in order against the non-believers. (Of course this is true in other religious groups).

    When atheists insist that everyone would be better of seeking evidence based truth, they never suggest that violence is in order against the believers who choose ignorance; yet that insistence that could lead to the truth being discovered seems to intensify the feeling of hatred and intolerance toward them by those believers.

    My opinion is that the atheist plea never actually falls on deaf ears. Rather, the hearer is often highly frustrated with the thought that they have spent a lifetime blindly and foolishly following a series of mystical tales with no basis in reality – and that it all began because the most trusted people in their lives – their parents – lied to them from birth. Therefore, many of them lash out at the truth-tellers in anguished grief.