4th January 2009

“Believing things without reason or evidence (or contrary to reason and evidence) is a mark of idiocy, gullibility and ignorance.”


3 Responses to “4th January 2009”

  1. Britt Says:

    well , we’ll always be ignorant, if we aren’t religious, we obviously believe in something else, and there is no exact answer as to why we are here. sooooo that means, all humans will have these atributes until further evidence.

  2. Dan Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with ignorance in and of itself, as Britt suggests, everyone is ignorant about something. It’s *willful* ignorance that is a major problem (e.g., the establishment of “creation science” and “intelligent design” movements).

    And I don’t know about idiocy – there are theists who are intelligent (although come to think of it, you do hear about fewer instances of low intelligence in atheists).

    But gullibility? Absolutely. You simply will never hear of a theist willing to critically evaluate the empirical basis for their beliefs. You may however come across those willing to construct elaborate rationalizations with the thinnest appearances of being based on evidence, but never honest skepticism.

    I find it very odd however that the originator of today’s Atheist QOTD is now a converted theist. Did he grow tired of being skeptical and thinking critically about religion and related matters?

  3. benjamin Says:

    I think that guy was harboring some theistic beliefs all the while claiming to be non-religious. It’s a sad assumption, and one that many believers make about atheists who finally rid themselves of religious tendencies. However, as an atheist, I know there is no turning back once you conclude that a deity is imaginary…