28th January 2009

“What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”

Christopher Hitchens

3 Responses to “28th January 2009”

  1. The Atheist Advocate Says:


    “The burden of proof lies with the person or persons making the claim. It is not the obligation of the atheist to prove that a supernatural being does not exist, it is the burden of the theist to prove it does!”

    The Atheist Advocate 🙂

  2. Tony Pro Says:

    I do love this quote, concise and thorough!
    Imagine how many arguments you could wipe off your docket if each side agreed up front to follow those ground rules!
    Probably would negate the need for this site.
    Enough said.


  3. John Sutton Says:

    Hitchens is brilliant, as usual. If he is not on your side, you have already lost the argument.

    I can recommend “God is Not Great”. It really does show how ‘Religion Poisons Everything’ or for faithheads – ‘Monastica Toxicum Totus’