29th January 2009

“How does it advance our understanding of the universe to suppose that it was created by a supernatural being who communicates only through the one-way process of revelation?”

Richard Dawkins

5 Responses to “29th January 2009”

  1. Britt Says:

    it doesn’t help our understanding, whatsoever. Open your minds!!! Freethinking is what we need in order to advance.

  2. Antoine Alexandre Says:

    If being an atheist means not believing in any religious dogma and rejecting all those (religion merchants) who proclaim holding the Truth, well… I sure am an atheist in that sence. But I am not an atheist if I consider the fact that life, in its details, is so well organized that I cannot refuse the idea of a primal energy that sets all, that we and all others elements of life are, in motion. If there is no sense in all that there is, being is useless. I refuse to go that route and although I will keep listening but will also distance myself of anyone who think he (she) can go in the details of it all. One thing seems to be generally acepted; all is star dust and to believe in a link between that fact and a primal energy help me thread through the human, too often barbarian, jungle.

  3. Chris Says:

    AA – congrats you are a deist. You seem to say that a universe of accident without a first cause somehow diminishes. I take another tack. Being IS useless in a cosmic sense. But how wonderful! How unlikely! How special to be alive in what may be simply the latest of infinite incarnations of an endlessly cycling universe! I am humbled but not diminished by the terrifying vastness. Why require a cosmic “it” to find meaning? We are and have ever been just the latest success story on our little planet. Dinosaurs, far more successful in terms of their length of domination, surely needed no meaning because living was all the meaning any creature can find in nature. Can we not turn inward to find the something greater we seem to crave? It’s not “out there”.

  4. Antoine Alexandre Says:

    Many thanks for your reply Chris. There is no way to demonstrate it, but deep in me, being is surely not useless in in a cosmic sense because I have no doubt that I, and all of us and more, have always been and always will be. Yes I believe I am part of the primal energy. Evolution is an ever unending advenrure of wich we are part. In a can of beans, if you look carefully, all of them, while similars, are different and it is a good thing since complete likeness would be so boring for humans and mices. That is just the way I am, I dont wish to change for nothingness. I will not be sold any of the religious crap but I surely owe to all their adepts and nasty leaders to make me wish, trough thinking and considering, to see a different angle and be completely at ease with it because I dont think my way has a limiting effect since there is no limit to my willingness to aquire as I go on my cosmic journey. I am kind of happy. What more do you want? We must celebrate differences of opinions because they are the main incredient of personnal growt for all. If it is what you consider being deist, that kind of deist; then it’s OK with me. “GDYM8”

  5. Chris Says:

    Antoine – I like your energy. There’s a lot to be said for simply being happy. Cheers!