4th February 2009

“Right now shop owners of DVD and music stores are closing down for fear of being bombed and even killed, as some already have. Barbers are refusing to shave beards now, and men are growing them for fear of their safety. Women are refusing now to drive or go out without hijab. Parents are keeping their girls from school – several schools have received threats and one principal has been kidnapped for allowing girls to enter classes.”

Anon. (Pakistan)

4 Responses to “4th February 2009”

  1. AtheistAdvocate Says:

    Non-Islamic states are large targets for the most violent religion ever to have been created by man. In this case, a barbaric general who would kill anyone and everyone who did not convert. No wonder Islam is growing so rapidly, there is no real choice of religion. You are either on the bus, or under the bus!

    I have witnessed the atrocities Islam is capable of. I fear them. I fear the end of civilization and human progress, as they march like army ants, consuming everything in their path. With only one desire… Kill the infidels!

    Verily I say unto thee, there will be no calm before this storm, for which we may arm and defend ourselves. Woe, Woe, Woe… and the final angel will open the seal on the seventh scroll…

  2. Holysmokes Says:

    I think it’s time for we as the human race to make a concerted effort to examine just what makes us so gullible. Whether it’s religion, monetary scams, etc, we seem compelled to fall for, or believe in the strangest things. Islam appears to be a more extreme case, however it occurs to me that most people choose the religion they are first introduced to. Perhaps it is time to create a comprehensive users manual for religions and require potential followers to read it prior to making a choice. I suspect fewer people would fall for any religion.

  3. Antoine Alexandre Says:

    I am from Québec Canada. In my youth, the catholic church was ruling poepe behavior and social advancement at 100%. Although violence was not open but insidious, no one could critic the damn church, the pope or the catholic dogmas. If it was done, the person or group was “tagged”, spoken against during obligatory religious services, and shun by the “brainwashed” population; thus making life impossible to the dissenters. The in the 1960’s there has been an educational revolution and very fast, because of its recognized abuses, the catholic church in Québec fell on its face and remain there today. Non religious education seems to be a big part of the answer because when religion is seen and accepted as a fiction the religious power and hold on population loose steam and must move to other grounds where poeple are not given the education that they deserve. States love religions, that is why the states often give them priviledges for conformyty by the masses toward civil rulers. The change must come from the populations involved and education is the first step. Counting on unit U.N. or other pollitical organisation is not the way to go. We are born free and states and churches can’t wait to chain us up the moment we are born. Demand it from your politicians and exercise your right (duty) to vote. If nothing change, then organized resistance is a must. Soldiers give their life for their country and civilians must be ready to do the same for their fellows civilians of the futur. Good day to all and let’s hope that evolution in that regard will speed up and unchain us from these forces at play against a harmonious

  4. Neault Says:

    Plus malheureux que tous est celui qui n’aime plus et ne peut oubli? qu’il a aim