7th February 2009

“Biblical monotheism is not based on evidence but on revelation. It is not a matter of cognition but of commitment. It requires adherents to make a conscious decision to accept revealed truth and to reject deceitful evidence. Natural evidence is debunked as seduction, as luring people away from revealed truth.”

Jan Assmann

4 Responses to “7th February 2009”

  1. Tony Pro Says:

    “Biblical monotheism”, two words and I’m already pissed. I wasted the first 25 years of my life trying to make sense of Catholicism and its claim to monotheism wrapped up in a trinity. It’s easy; I was told 4522 times, just know there’s only one God, which is the Father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. Of course, they are only one, but occasionally like to communicate separately with each other, and they have different duties at certain times, and you can pray to any one of them, and one sacrificed the other for everyone’s sins even though it was himself somehow he was sacrificing, and isn’t that suicide???
    Why do I waste my time ranting? When I try to talk to someone about scientific matters and I know they believe this stuff, it’s much easier for me to empathize with their lack of reason. Religion has screwed up their brain! Admittedly, I too was quite messed up.
    Until you rationalize it away yourself, you’ll forever battle that ‘illogic bug’ floating around in your mind.
    Great news! I personally was amazed at how fast my mind made sense of everything AFTER I was sure I was wrong about my former beliefs.
    There’s hope for anyone out there who is in that struggling state.
    Join me and my friends on a personal voyage of reason, logic, and sanity!
    Make sense of this world and become an atheist!

  2. The Atheist Advocate Says:

    Tony, thank you for sharing that. I think it’s great when someone opens up and shares their personal experiences in life.

    I was raised Catholic as well, and attended Catholic school for the first four years. I was one of the unlucky students who had to deal with nuns every day. I was as screwed up as all the other theists, who think they “know” the truth. It is a very enjoyable, personal experience, when your eyes are finally opened and you see things for what they really are. It is a mental adjustment that takes tremendous weight off your shoulders.

    Cheers 🙂

  3. BoomerChick Says:

    Tony, your last pithy statement would make a great bumper sticker.
    “Make sense of this world – become an atheist!”

  4. Stanley Says:

    …… GO ATHEIST!