10th February 2009

“Most of the popular monotheistic religions actively undermine morality through the notions of 'Heaven' and 'Hell'. A person who acts in the hope of reward is not acting morally – they are merely being mercenary. Likewise the person who acts out of fear is not acting morally – they are under duress. The truly moral person needs no threats or bribes.”


2 Responses to “10th February 2009”

  1. AtheistAdvocate Says:

    Excellent! Two days in a row!

  2. Chris Says:

    Yes, another beaut! Moderate religious types like to forget the carrot and stick underpinning their reason for good behavior and fundy types will never let you forget it. A far better, a far more mature view is Social Contract. Do unto others, a convention that predates any bible IS viable because it WAS viable. If we hadn’t learned to behave, if we hadn’t evolved, we simply would not be as successful as we are. There was selective pressure for us to do so which is now buried deeply in our instincts. Dogs, monkeys, apes, dolphins have more rudimentary forms – societal norms which, with time and the development of language, became moral codes in Homo. No GOD needed, just blind survival.