11th February 2009

“The only hostility in the relationship between religion and secularism is religion's hostility to the demand for rational proof that is the basis of atheism. Religion is also hostile to liberal humanism, because its own doctrinaire authoritarianism won't accept that people can be trusted to live by the tenets of their religion unless the civil code imposes them by law.”

Emer O'Kelly

3 Responses to “11th February 2009”

  1. Chris Says:

    Rationality is not the basis of atheism. This gives us undeserved credit. Many atheists are just as irrational as your garden variety fundy kook. We have a tendency toward rationalism and appreciation of evidence based argument. Fundamentalist are never satisfied to simply live by their self imposed restrictions. As God’s chosen and keepers of His holy word, they have thus a responsibility to punish, subdue and correct apostates and unbelievers. Their desire to reflect God’s word in secular law is consistent with this (nutty) belief.

  2. Damian Says:

    Chris, I think your just being irrational. (^-^)v …

  3. Chris Says:

    Was drunk at the time… LQTM