1st March 2009

“In Pakistan, an estimated 1,500 women die from honor killings every year. People in those countries hardly make a fuss about it. That's a price those women have to pay for violating the Islamic codes. It is well accepted in Muslim societies, and people pay little attention to such incidents.”

Alamgir Hussain

2 Responses to “1st March 2009”

  1. Tony Pro Says:

    Everyone should speak out on this issue. It amazes that women believe they should remain subordinate to their spouses, yet don’t realize how this inequality continues to detrimentally affect their gender.
    Going on how many millenia?…
    I understand why the strong survive. Sadly, these ‘strong’, are the same who can’t believe within them is any ‘animal agressiveness’ because they don’t believe they are animals.
    Brains need to win over brawn.
    Education is the way.

  2. Helen Nelly Says:

    Why is this not an issue at the forefront of the fight for human rights? Is it because it is related to the accepted practices of the religion of the Muslims? Just because it is a religious practice, does that make it untouchable? What if 1500 men were being killed every day for religious reasons?
    Every woman and every man in the world needs to take up this cause by writing letters, raising awareness, supporting dissidence, and using whatever means possible to help the women in Muslim societies. Perhaps we could offer to take the marked women off of the hands of the cruel Muslim states, by giving the condemned women a new home and new hope in another non-Muslim country that would value and honor them, instead of slaughtering them.
    There must be some solution. I am going to write to Ms. Clinton, our new Secretary of State about helping Muslim women gain the rights that any person should be guaranteed – the right to live. I suggest we all write to her and support her in her efforts to change this terrible tragedy.