4th March 2009

“Many atheists behold the persistence of religion in the West – and especially in America and its politics – with something close to incredulity. How can it be, they lament, that despite the absence of any evidence for the central tenets of Christianity, despite the enormous progress of science in explaining the origins of the Earth and its inhabitants, that so many people continue to believe pre-Enlightenment gobbledegook?”

Jamie Whyte

4 Responses to “4th March 2009”

  1. diane goldstein Says:

    it’s astounding and leaves me speechless every time I encounter it.

  2. Edgar Wing Says:

    It speaks to the power of self-deception. It’s kind of scary.

  3. Bill Greene Says:

    I agree, and think that both of the comments before mine were short but poingant. It also astounds me as well.

  4. Bob Says:

    It’s simple. I’d bet that 99% of the self proclaimed Christians have never even read the entire bible! If they had there would be a lot less Christians.