9th March 2009

“People who would leave a nine year-old child rape victim to die in pain when they could do something about it and then say their sadistic inaction is in accordance with the will of God ought to be rounded up and shot.”


15 Responses to “9th March 2009”

  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    I love straightforward action statements when they are rational and accurate. The statement by Anon. is both rational and accurate.

    High fives all around.


  2. Please engage brain Says:

    You don’t need to be an atheist to agree with this quote. If there was a “Common sense QOTH” then it should appear there too.
    The same applies to paedophile priests, religious “martyrs” and morons who use violence when protesting about abortions.

  3. John Sutton Says:

    “Rounded up and shot” is not what we do. I have said before that the worst that can happen to us is that we become the people we despise.

  4. critic Says:

    I agree completely John.

    I think Mr/Ms Anonymous has possibly gone insane – which is sad because I enjoy many of her/his sayings. While I can understand the frustration, advocating that people be, “rounded up and shot,” is a sickening thought.

    Anyone who would agree with this QOTD should seriously examine their thought processes. These kinds of statements are more properly spoken by the Taliban than intelligent atheists.

  5. The Heretic Says:

    I disagree with John and Critic. “Rounded up and Shot” seems a good policy. How else would you combat such savagery? Petitions and harsh language? Do you think that through logic you can teach these people the error of their ways? Good luck with that.

  6. Jason Says:

    i have to say that while i agree with the passion behind it i don’t agree with the practice. I am always ready at the first instance to rally behind the war cry but then my rationale takes over and I come to my senses. The moment we lower ourselves to the same level as the fundamentalists we lose ourselselves.

  7. Dan the Man, Omaha Says:

    There have been several attributions to “anon.” lately, particularly in reference to current events. Is it really difficult to find the author, or is it really just an editorial “quote” to comment on current events?

  8. Admin Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Is it really difficult to find the author

    I have to be careful what I claim people say. Real names are only used from newspaper articles and books.

    “Anon” is used where someone has published something under a pseudonym.

    “Unknown author” is used if someone uses a full name in a web forum but the identity cannot be confirmed.

    This approach is described on the suggestions page

    BTW Neither attribution has ever been used for an editorial comment.

  9. Please engage brain Says:

    “Anyone who would agree with this QOTD should seriously examine their thought processes. These kinds of statements are more properly spoken by the Taliban than intelligent atheists.”

    1) Being an atheist does not make you an intellectual. Regular people who are atheists would be more inclined to speak up if their peers weren’t full of pseudo-intellectual c***.
    2) Rounding up and shooting the fascists seemed to work. Perhaps in 1940 we should have stuck slogans on buses reading “Hitler is probably wrong – please get on with your lives”.
    3) You cannot argue with the Taliban in the same way you cannot argue with a bar of soap. Both are happy doing what they are doing and neither is going to change anytime soon.

    Does anyone who disagrees with this statement actually have children?

  10. Dan the Man Says:

    I have children and I disagree with the statement that these people should be rounded up and shot. It’s an extremist response, and likening abortionists to Nazis and Fascists is a little much. Rounding up and shooting nazis worked in bringing down the established regime, but nazism is still alive as an underground movement. There aren’t any governments that self-identify as fascist, but fascism (and racism and other bad news) is not dead. Slogans on buses would not likely have done much against the nazis, but there’s a lot of ground in-between slogans on buses and rounding them up to shoot them. There might even be an argument that slogans on buses, early on, might have helped a little.
    Attribution-wise, I couldn’t find this quote anywhere other than AQOTD, so I surmised that AQOTD was being used as the original publication rather using pithy, well-written, or poignant quotes from well-known persons published elsewhere.

  11. MichelP Says:

    I think that faith and irrational beliefs are mental health issues. These people ought to be rounded up, …and healed. Patiently or forcibly cured. Until that’s possible, they should remain under close observation.

  12. Tony Pro Says:

    Good comments.
    Revenge is not a virtue.
    I feel it too at times, an aggressive outburst of evolutions adrenaline.
    But reason must win. Brain needs to win over brawn.

    If we aspire to teach a lesson to people who remain inactive if/when something could be done; wouldn’t it be better to place them into service for the good of others found in a similar plight? Who learns better than those that learn from their own mistakes?
    It’s hard to tell if it was ignorance or fear that was the primary factor for inaction, but it really doesn’t matter.
    If I’ve learned anything in this life, killing is used as the answer for too many problems.

  13. Hypatia Says:

    I don’t think the author was being serious when he said they should be “rounded up and shot” – this is a colloquial phrase here in the UK, not usually taken literally. However, it does express his or her anger and frustration – which I share.

    In their zeal to fight a culture war against modern society the Catholic church appears to lost all sense and compassion. I hope this incident damages them as much as possible.

  14. Dan the Man, Omaha Says:

    Hypatia I see what you mean about it being a colloquial phrase. I don’t think it’s local to the UK, but it has a different tone in gun-crazy USA. No doubt the author didn’t *really* mean it but the way in which it wasn’t meant may depend on where the author grew up.

  15. MichelP Says:

    Criminal behavior as well as most harmful self-delusions are mental health issues. Sentience doesn’t seem to come lightly!

    But we do need special measures when the ill become influent: research, knowledge, dilligence, and loud voices.