20th March 2009

“I would expect a Catholic school to teach the benefits of contraception as a prophylactic against AIDS and STDs as part of basic sex education. Anyone who can't teach this on grounds of 'conscience' is frankly not fit to teach.”


3 Responses to “20th March 2009”

  1. Larry Huffman Says:

    I am not surprised that the credit for this quote is anonymous. Why? Well…the person would expect the catholic schools to teach condoms as part of it’s basic sex education program? What sex education program?? They do not teach sex education…they teach abstinence, which requires no education about sex…just do not do it.

  2. Bob Says:

    The Pope has come out & said that condoms would make the AIDS crisis WORST in Africa!! When you think about it who would know more about sex than the Pope?

  3. Larry Huffman Says:

    Hmmm…I have a question about sex…who should I ask…a little old man who has never done it or a prostitue who does it for a living? The prostitue would be a far better resource for such inquiry.

    Although, considering the pope came up through the ranks of the catholic priests…he may have had sex…with small boys or wayward girls in some institution…at some point during his career.