28th March 2009

“When any influential person, be it a religious or political leader, makes a false scientific statement that could be devastating to the health of millions of people, they should retract or correct the public record. Anything less from Pope Benedict would be an immense disservice to the public and health advocates, including many thousands of Catholics, who work tirelessly to try and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS worldwide.”

The Lancet

3 Responses to “28th March 2009”

  1. Jeff Pinner Says:

    May the Lancet continue in its clear eyed vision of the moral responsibility of ALL public figures. The Pope’s comments while in complete accord with his responsibility to the “moral” leadership of his church, are the single most amoral act I have seen by a public leader in years. Putting the sexual morality of his congregation over their very lives is stunningly irresponsible, and should be condemned from every pulpit in civilization.

  2. Hypatia Says:

    Well said Jeff – although I would have said “his perverse vision of the sexual morality of his congregation”.

  3. Chris Says:

    Like, for example, the Lancet, which published the now discredited work that linked autism to childhood vaccines. The fear from that little false scientific statement still resonates years later with idiots opting out of vaccinating their kids.

    I agree with their statement and I’m glad they made it. The Pope and the entire Catholic church deserve public embarrassment for their gross preference for an unworkable abstinence doctrine versus dead and dying parents and orphaned children.

    To be lectured about morality by a cabal of child abusers and witch burners is enough to make a cat laugh.