4th May 2009

“Buried in the results of a recent survey is the fact that secularists may now be one of America's largest minorities—larger than gays or African Americans. Will nonbelievers, traditionally one of the most loathed demographics, begin to feel their oats and demand greater recognition in the public square?”

Ronald Aronson

One Response to “4th May 2009”

  1. John Says:

    I think that has been true a lot longer than in just “a recent survey”; as it appears that those of us whom have remained silent for the last 28 years under the constant crying for dollars and mega thumperism chanting, that we are finally saying that enough, is enough all ready. We are saying “OUT LOUD” for a change; instead of under our breaths that is, that “I don’t believe in that shit”! Leave me alone ‘damn you! And… it feels so good.