5th May 2009

“The concept of god is an obvious fallacy. If god is the creator then from whence came god?”

Chris Newell

5 Responses to “5th May 2009”

  1. holysmokes Says:

    The answer I always receive is that god has ALWAYS been here.

  2. Prime Directant Says:

    That is because the current philosophies adopted by most monothiestic religions derives from that of Aristotle. According to him, the universe had to have some sort of “first cause” or “prime mover” I think it is an interesting question further complicated by the modern theories of time in relation to space.

    Does anyone know where I could find a rebuttal for Aristotlean arguement for theism? I am only just becoming agnostic, and as such I do not have any knowledge of their literature

  3. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    Isn’t the “concept” of The Universe, given this criteria, also an “obvious fallacy?” Hasn’t it (in whatever form) simply “always been here?” Isn’t the ultimate source of everything that exists essentially unkowable according to science? That is, the answer to such a question is “speculative” though based on evidence – I am thinking here of “string theory,” which some physicists think is more philosophy than science (I offer this comment with tongue somewhat firmly in cheek; feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!).

  4. Chris Says:

    At the moment of the big bang, time began. Where is there any evidence at all, other than the musings of long dead desert dwellers, that anything can exist outside of time? For anything to move, isn’t time required? If God exists outside of time, then what does the word “exist” mean when not anchored by a time and a place. And where was God before there was anything else? To have a location is to have a where but where is where when there is no where? And while I’m on this train, why make the universe so staggeringly big? Seems a bit extravagant to do for a single species of evolved primate lost in the spiral arm of an unremarkable galaxy.

  5. Prime Directant Says: