12th May 2009

“You cannot become president of Ireland or be appointed a judge in the republic unless you take a religious oath asking God to direct and sustain you in your work. What an atheist is offered is an Irish solution – to ignore it, to pretend you believe in God. But this means, for example, that a new judge who is privately an atheist but swears to God is technically committing perjury. We should be amending our constitution to remove these theistic references, not creating new crimes to enforce provisions that were written in the 1930s.”

Michael Nugent

2 Responses to “12th May 2009”

  1. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    I agree with the quote.

    FYI: “Going to church increases the likelihood that people will support torture, especially if they are white evangelical Protestants. This is not good news.” – Sarah Sentilles


    I tried to post this on the AQOTD on May 9 but was unable to for some reason. thought you should know.

    For the record, I am a white Protestant, attend a mainline church (Lutheran, ELCA), and firmly oppose both torture and the death penalty (as does the ELCA).

  2. John Says:

    Why is it that fat, rich, white people condemn fat powerful black people or crazed suppressive yellow races or old cold war ex-commies of war crimes? The whole world is watching us and our self righteous duel standards based on Dark Ages acceptance of War Crimes and believe systems. The Middle Eastern and the Western religion’s suppression of Human rights and dignity kind of look the same don’t they? Where is the outrage? I’ll say it till the day I die, “it’s all in what your preacher tells you”!