20th May 2009

“Instinct is vague, just like religious faith: an irrational comfort zone.”

Emer O'Kelly

2 Responses to “20th May 2009”

  1. Chris Says:

    And yet, instinct is often correct. Unlike religious faith.

  2. John Says:

    Speaking of an “irrational comfort zone”; faith seems to be often used as a convenience in beliefs. Take for example the “UNBORN” issue in the news from Indiana of late. They don’t want you to kill it; but dammed if they will help you support “IT” if they should force you to pop it out! Unless of course their making money on it with their adoption services; which they offer you for free.

    Now cut funding for the schools so they can get those same funds in vouchers for their “faith based initiative” system learning’s. Then complain that the offspring you popped out; didn’t learn to read or write because the schools have low standards, the teachers have failed the students or because the schools teach those “Devil’s Sciences”.

    However boost about the fact that we’ve got some of the best prisons in the civilized world; when “IT” gets bigger… to save their soles, of course!

    I guess I’m just a true Atheist in “an irrational comfort zone”!