6th June 2009

“Consider the challenge of creating the first chicken (on the fifth day); an egg would be no good on its own. Would you start at the beak and sweep backwards? You would have to be quick, or fluids would leak out. No, it would have to be completely formed in an instant, with all the organs and blood supply and nerves (including behaviour and memory). The space it suddenly occupies would have to be cleared of air at exactly the same moment to prevent a deafening shock-wave.

The difficulties don't stop there. All the delicate inter-relationships between species would have to be immaculately planned, and there would have to be fully-grown trees (the third day), ready-rotted wood and dead animals for scavengers; nests, burrows and much else. And this for the whole world, down to the last ant and pine-needle, rotifer and bacillus.”

David Ridge

4 Responses to “6th June 2009”

  1. Edgar Wing Says:

    Clearly meant to be a refutation of creationism, but fails miserably. A giant magical wizard with omniscience and omnipotence could no doubt overcome any such obstacle.

  2. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    “Literalists” all think alike, theists or not.

  3. vtmorp Says:

    Interesting, but inane as their God did this all in 6 days.

  4. Chris Says:

    In 6 days God created everything, including the Burgess Shale, intended no doubt to test our faith or possibly to drive us insane with two completely irreconcilable time scales. Oh, and the Devil planted all the fossils, that clever prick. Laugh if you will but I’ve heard people promote this view. In the words of Louis Black, “these people are stone cold fuck nuts.” Sorry for the coarse language but it IS the weekend.