18th June 2009

“In a way, I think religion is to be admired for asking the right questions. I just think it's got the wrong answers.”

Richard Dawkins

6 Responses to “18th June 2009”

  1. Dr Suku Says:

    Probably not all answers are wrong.

  2. Please engage brain Says:

    Sorry Prof Dawkins but I don’t agree. What questions has religion asked? It tells us where we came from, what rules to live by, what sexual orientation we should be, how many children we should have, who has the right to an education, who we should war with etc etc etc.

    Religion answers nothing.

  3. Chris Says:

    An example of a question religion poses is “Where do we come from?” Another is “Why does the Sun traverse the sky?” Minus all our advancement in our understanding of the natural world, it is at least understandable that we fell into mystical explanations for processes we had no means of understanding.

    It is fortunate for us that through human history there has been a continuous thread of skepticism and those few for whom such supernatural explanations were found wanting.

    People seem to crave definitive answers. We now know that Homo Sapiens are the latest link in an evolutionary chain and that all life on Earth is related. Do we know how the first link in the chain was forged? No. And perhaps we never will. To the scientific mind, “I don’t know” is a reasonable response to a mystery. The religious substitute “I don’t know” with “God did it.” But they’ve just changed out one mystery for an even greater (an more improbable) one.

  4. Mikel Says:

    I highly suspect that Richard Dawkins is just trying to be nice and accommodating here. It’s philosophy that asks the good questions like “Why are we here?” Religion just asks useless questions like “What is the will of God?”

    I’ve heard once that philosophy is “questions that cannot be answered” and religion is “answers that cannot be questioned.” I think that sums it up nicely.

  5. Chris Says:

    Nice, Mikel.

  6. Dr Suku Says:

    Don’t agree.