8th August 2009

“If everything has a prior cause, then God must have had a prior cause. If God does not require a prior cause, then neither does the universe! The religious folks are trying to have their cake and eat it; you can't propose a universal rule but then allow an exception which breaks the rule.”


One Response to “8th August 2009”

  1. Chris Says:

    Creationists like to complain that science can’t explain the universe’s ultimate origin. Fair enough. But then they offer THEIR explanation which is dependent on, lets be honest here, MAGIC. Thus, they explain a mystery with an even bigger mystery. Ok, magic-maniacs, I’ve got a mystery for you. If all this was done for us, why did it take over 14 billion years for God to get around to evolving us from apes? And what are the other thousand-trillion planets which must surely exist for?