17th August 2009

“What religion and the religious fear most of all is ridicule because what they believe is absurd. Deep down they all know that. We give far too much credence to 'the mirthless cretins of jihad'. Much better to point and laugh at all such fundamentalists of whatever creed. They feed and thrive on our pusillanimous silence and respect for their beliefs.”

Paul Owen

7 Responses to “17th August 2009”

  1. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    What is the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus?

    It only takes one nail to hang the picture.

    Only those whose faith is built upon the sands of fundamentalism and literalism fear the ridicule of non-believers; what they really fear is the god that atheists don’t believe in, a god that they themselves created.

    Besides, the need and desire to ridicule often conceals its own sort of fear.

    Ridicule away, I say . . .

  2. Chris Says:

    What religious believers believe, regardless of whether or not one would consider them to be fundamentalists, jihadis, born agains, crusaders, etc., IS worthy of ridicule. The same ridicule that we have for someone who would say, in all earnestness, that they are a follower of Thor or Annubis or Bal. Just because a majority of people believe something, indeed feel the “truth” of it, doesn’t mean it can’t be idiotic. The earth is flat, you heretic! Somehow the stupidity of their beliefs makes me “fearful”? I think not – I say prove the truth of your belief and we’ll all be believers.

    Until then, I and people like me will rely on our senses to appreciate the universe and not resort to wish-based special pleading. The universe’s beginning is a mystery, for now. Why introduce a much bigger and magic-requiring mystery to account for it? And why place so much faith in a book, whose contents rule out it’s having been divinely inspired, to prop it all up?

  3. Bob Says:

    I question if most religious people have read enough of the bible to have a true understanding of just how absurd their beliefs truly are.

  4. Hypatia Says:

    If we don’t ridicule ideas that are clearly ridiculous then they gain a status that they don’t deserve.

  5. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    Religion will always be reinvented by new generations, wisdom is not passed on in the genes. We all must strive for genuine Separation of Church and State if citizens (in the USA) are to have genuine equality under the (secular) Law and personal rights. Let people pray in their homes and tax-exempt places of worship, on their own time. Noprayer in Government, or on public property.

  6. Chris Says:

    Why, by the way, should places of worship be tax exempt? The state has no business advancing the cause of religion.

  7. Chris Says:

    Unless, of course, you happen to live in Iran!