21st August 2009

“Barely a day goes by without news of gross violations of human rights of Muslims living in so-called Islamic countries. Whether it is honour killings of sisters and mothers or the harassment of gays and calls for their death; whether it is imprisonment of political opponents or attacks on minorities, we Muslims who live in the West are constantly reminded of the rights we enjoy under secular parliamentary democracies as individual human beings.”

Tarek Fatah

2 Responses to “21st August 2009”

  1. SV Londhe Says:

    This is high time for all peace loving, like minded, secular muslims like you to come together and educate the masses on equality, secularism, human values and tolerance. Such an action may save the impending disastrous consequences in the affected countries.

  2. John Says:

    Tarek Fatah has forgotten a valuable point as he needs to continue on and ask “Why are they killing and violating the basic human rights of their own faithful”. Is it possible that they are just doing what the preachers are telling them to do! For is it not a crime to violate human rights almost anywhere? Except of course; in the minds of the self appointed and book thumping so called righteous ones. Even rats have been know to turn on each other when the end appears apparent.