5th September 2009

“I was never a politicised lesbian until religion reared its ugly head to attack us. But now I am! Because none of us, any more, can feel that our few, very hard-won rights are safe any more.”


2 Responses to “5th September 2009”

  1. __HRB__ Says:

    “…especially, because I’m Catholic want to get married in a Catholic church, so I won’t go to hell after the 2nd coming of Jesus!”

    Is the next quote here going to be:

    “Religion is evil because religious commandments support property rights and therefore the evil exploiting capitalists.”


  2. chris Says:

    I was never a politicised atheist until GWB filled the government with anti-science conservative christians so I guess I understand the quotees animus. Given the repression that the christian right seeks on homosexuals I’m surprised to see any gay person without a keen interest in the religious leanings of any candidate. Put simply, religion is an excuse for bigotry. Witness Prop 8 in supposedly left leaning CA.