6th September 2009

“From a list of groups that also includes Muslims, recent immigrants, and homosexuals, Americans name atheists as those least likely to share their vision of American society.”

Mosaic project survey

3 Responses to “6th September 2009”

  1. __HRB__ Says:

    I have yet to meet a sociologist with an understanding of statistics. Communists, e.g. are traditionally atheists and opposed to capitalism, but it is not their atheism that is un-american. Has this effect been taken into consideration? Probably not.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised, that the study implicitly presupposes that recent immigrants and homosexuals cannot be atheists, and Muslims cannot be recent immigrants.

  2. Tim Says:

    Umm… I think all the bad things this says about Muslims, recent immigrants, and homosexuals detracts from the good things this says about atheists, namely, that the latter doesn’t share their vision of American society. It doesn’t mean the people surveyed favor or trust atheists; it may mean they see atheists as the “lesser evil.”

  3. Geoff Says:

    I guess the atheist’s view of American society is as a peaceful country, untroubled by the division that comes from the hundreds of religions. Theirs would be a country in which reason and evidence were the guiding lights – not Iron Age dogmas. The atheists would wish a country where free choice prevailed, where no decisions were taken based on the whims of individuals who claimed to have spoken to an invisible being.
    So yes I guess the atheist vision *is* rather different from the majority view.