12th October 2009

“The growth of Muslim faith schools runs the risk of undermining the coherence of British society.”

David Bell, Chief inspector of schools

3 Responses to “12th October 2009”

  1. paleoflatus Says:

    Surely, the best option should be coherence through truth? Universal science-based secular education would facilitate this and minimise the divisive influence of ALL religions.
    Like evolution, it’s blindingly simple, if only we can see it.

  2. Chris Says:

    Sorry to touch on yesterday’s topic but I think Mr. Syme’s comment deserves a response.

    “Or his theory on how everything come from nothing plus time plus chance and yet developed into all the complexity that we see with our own eyes which are more complex than a camera. The personal from the impersonal? How unscientific!”

    Yes, science does not know everything about the beginning of the universe. It’s doesn’t claim to. Just because a problem doesn’t yet or perhaps never will have an answer is no reason to go attributing it to “god”.

    If everything must have a cause then what caused god? If god needs no cause then you admit that not everything requires a cause. Is it not at least as likely that the universe needed no cause? By introducing god you make a complicated question even more complex and for reasons that one can’t rationally defend as there isn’t any evidence at all for that hypothesis.

    And yes, the eye is complex. We’re all pretty impressed with the eye. And equally impressed with how it has been demonstrated that complex eyes have evolved from nothing more than a few photosensitive cells. Many times, which isn’t surprising given the obvious survival benefits of vision.

  3. John Says:

    Bravo Chris… and, why is man so arrogant that man must create a god to feel so important or to believe that man is the center of the universe!

    They that believe in a religion, have a closed mind and do what they are told!!