16th October 2009

“There is nothing more damning to progress than the belief that something is perfect. God is perfect.”

Tony Provenzano

2 Responses to “16th October 2009”

  1. Geoff Says:

    Hardly sounds like an atheist quote to me. The first sentence is possibly true, although I think the tendency of religionists in the past to burn libraries and kill scientists/freethinkers has done more to hinder progress.
    Christians have opposed many scientific breakthroughs in history, even anaesthesia. The Christian right-wing in the USA is hindering progress through its belief in an imminent Rapture. So perhaps it should be rephrased: “There is nothing more damning to progress than religious belief.”

  2. Tony Provenzano Says:

    I argue that the biggest problem that almost all religions have, is the belief that they are infallible or perfect.
    This belief stymies progress within their religion and personal growth by totally stopping introspection.
    They no longer have or need to learn, they just have to practice. Why would anyone ever question anything that is known to be perfect? There, of course, is no need if that is true.
    This practice of unquestioned beliefs inundates our daily lives with prejudice of gender, race, divorce, sexuality, slavery, contraceptions, euthanasia, etc. And these are perpetuated by outdated beliefs, and dogmatic proclamations every time a vote comes up in our political system.

    Personally, I think it better to change my opinions as the facts change. I believe no facts without rigorous testing of evidence. I also think ethical behavior supported by a justice system (laws) must change to reflect our newfound opinions.

    I regret and apologize for my 2nd sentence in the quote. I have been quoting the first sentence many years to friends and then when I submitted it to this site, I hastily added “God is perfect”, so you would understand where I was headed. Not anticipating it’s perception of me, and underestimating the astuteness of my fellow visitors to this site.