21st October 2009

“A religious idea is just an idea somebody had a long time ago, and claimed to have received from God. It does not have a different status to other ideas; it is not surrounded by an electric fence none of us can pass.”

Johann Hari

One Response to “21st October 2009”

  1. Chris Says:

    I think that fence is starting to get wonky. Religious ideas are given special status even by people that aren’t particularly devout. And so, there’s real discomfort people feel when you publicly call these nutty ideas nutty. But when the child points out the emperor has no clothes, some people will see it immediately and some will hold on to the illusion. Religion belongs to the infancy of our species and deserves no more respect than the notion that there are witches, fairys, giants, dragons, astrology, homeopathy, satan, water witching, big foot, Nessie, Jesus, Adam, Eve and the Eoster bunny. Jury still out on Santa but considered provisionally false by those over 10.