2nd November 2009

“There are over 300 verses in the Christian scriptures that speak about poverty and injustice as compared with hardly a handful that even conceivably address abortion or homosexuality.”

D.C. Bruch & T.W. Strieter

4 Responses to “2nd November 2009”

  1. PEB Says:

    Religious types are obsessed with talking about sex. It’s the same as people on a diet who constantly think about food or if someone tells you to NOT to think about a banana…..

  2. diane goldstein Says:

    Christianity is all about sexual repression and control of women. A very narrow minded self-destructive moral code of ethics not only for the individual but for society as a whole. Most perversions of sexuality come from this astere, rigid, shameful, guilt ridden view of sex and sexuality.

  3. Chris Says:

    Jesus was an unusual Jew – apparently unmarried by the age of 30? I’m guessing he was a “confirmed bachelor.” This dovetails nicely with the priesthood that behaves similarly. No wonder this is such a sore spot with macho red-staters.

  4. holysmokes Says:

    I get the impression that the quote is merely comparing the “much discussed” injustice and poverty, (both of which were obviously rampant back then) to the lesser known, or little talked about issues like abortion and gays. This comparison is hardly surprising since abortion was all but unheard of during the creation of biblical books and homosexuality was not considered much of an issue. It is logical that the bible would discuss common problems over the lesser publicized ones. At the risk of irritating the administrators of QOTD, I see no reason to post this quote. It merely states the obvious. People collectively write more about things that bother them the most. Biblical books, (written by men) are no exception.