21st November 2009

“Islam is becoming more regressive, sharia courts and Wahhabism are spreading, and no tradition of tolerance for other religions has been established. No moderate or alternative versions of the religion are being offered because such alternative mosques would be threatened and would suffer from a lack of funding. The Islamic focus on indoctrination, high population growth, fomenting of insurgencies, and infiltration is part of the global jihad, a full-on religious war against infidel nations.”

Janet Levy

3 Responses to “21st November 2009”

  1. tech Says:

    RELIGION IS man reaching out to god. CHIRSTIANITY is GOD reaching down to man

  2. The Heretic Says:

    I wonder if it is blasphemous to misspell one’s religion? And as to God reaching down, are you sure it isn’t one of the priests?

    As to the quote. Islam is offering a very scary world if they succeed in what they are attempting. Atheists and theists alike need to stand shoulder-to-shoulder to fight against it. There should be no tolerance, no shades of grey on this one. We need to fight for the survival of the enlightened Western ways of life.

  3. tech Says:

    For all the nit pickers ”Christianity” there.My beliefs stay the same.PRAISE THE LORD.