26th November 2009

“"To such heights of evil are men driven by religion."”

Lucretiusca. 99 BCE – ca. 55

11 Responses to “26th November 2009”

  1. tech Says:

    Again I thank GOD for his son JESUS CHRIST for showing us the WAY the TRUTH and the LIGHT.

  2. Chris Says:

    Until Jesus, there was no hell. Thanks for that, bastard son of an unfaithful woman. Is this the same Jesus that is OK with slavery? What part of truth and light is slavery? Matthew 10:24-25. By extension, since Jesus IS god, god condones slavery. God also condones human sacrifice. If that is the source of your morals, you addle pated twit, I’d sleep with one eye open in your house.

    Lucretius was, of course, right. What was the evil behind the inquisition and the witch burnings? Evil committed, not surprisingly, on the basis of human testimony. Lies, damn lies! And no better than the foundation upon which Tech’s theology is built.

  3. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    Your ignorance is blinding, Chris. Before Jesus, there was no hell? Oh my God, I’m flipping out. And I agree with Lucretius, mostly, even though there is less evidence that he existed than there is for Jesus.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. tech Says:

    Tech’s theology is built on nothing less than JESUS’S BLOOD and Righteous.You can say what you like GOD still loves you and cares about your soul.

  5. Hypatia Says:

    I agree with Lucretius, mostly, even though there is less evidence that he existed than there is for Jesus.

    That is clearly false. There are no contemporaneous letters, writings or references about Jesus. The only information we have about him comes from a verbal legend passed down for several decades before it was written down.

  6. PEB Says:

    “GOD still loves you and cares about your soul” Really?

    Does he love the thousands of children that have been sexually abused by perverted catholic preists?

    Does he love the victims of religious suicide bombers?

    Does he love gay people? Apparently not.

    Does he love the millions of people killed by AIDS in Africa because the church thinks condoms are a sin?

    Does he love women? Throughout history religion has made women feel like second class citizens.

    Does he love the baby who is dumped on the garbage because her young mother cannot have an abortion or face her religious parents?

    god doesn’t love you because he doesn’t exist. If he does exist then he’s a complete bastard.

  7. tech Says:

    May GOD have mercy. Its no wonder the world is in the state its in.GOD bless you all I have nothing further to say.

  8. beckawyant Says:

    to such heights a man can be driven by the belief in something EVIL. To believe in a divine truth can change a spirit and change the world for the better. To believe in nothing can change the world into constant apathy.

  9. John Says:

    tech… Why is it often reported that right before the righteous kills they shout the words “praise be to the box of doughnuts”??

  10. dragonknight Says:

    Its funny, everyone is assuming that the quote is saying that the religious are inherantly evil. I see it differently.

    Alot of religion is focused on the pursuit of God’s favor. “If we do action a God will be happy with me.” Often times, action a in one religion, runs contrary in some regard to another religion.

    Because of this, people who are outside of a particular religion, who dare to think in ways contrary to the ascribed ‘truth’ of a very old book, are more often than not vilified.

    Religion drives men to evil, those men being the ones who are not part of said religion. It divides us based on good and evil when clearly, there is evil within the religion itself (corruption and excess are well documented in the history of the papacy).

    Does this mean all religious people are evil? No
    Does this mean that all non or differently religious people are evil? No

    It just means that religion has a tendancy to divide us rather than bring us together because people can’t just look across the way and say “I can apprecaite that you believe in what you do, and I’m fine with that. But I believe differently”

    Even here, in this community of self professed rational thinkers, I see as much vitriol and anger expressed at the religious as there is inane and pointless pontification by the more extreme religious members. Nobody is sitting down and saying “I understand that you think differnetly than me, and thats ok, but here are my views on things” it’s all sarcasm, rage, and meaningless “praise god” drivel that doesn’t further the conversation.

  11. Six Pack Says:

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