4th December 2009

“Ultimate responsibility for the way in which the safety of children was so recklessly ignored does not lie with any individual bishop. It does not lie even with the Irish hierarchy as a whole. It lies with the Vatican. We know this because the approach to allegations of child abuse was consistent, not simply between bishops or across Irish dioceses, but around the world.”

The Irish Times

4 Responses to “4th December 2009”

  1. PEB Says:

    This story has disappeared from the headlines overnight. An organisation has been covering up child abuse by it’s members for decades. Why oh why are they not being shut down? Why do parents or anyone with an ounce of moral conscience remain catholic?
    If this had happened in any other organisation then they would be simply shut down?!
    It’s worth remembering that they covered the abuse up not only to protect the reputation of the church but also to protect it’s assets. So simply put they allowed bishops to keep abusing children to ensure they remained wealthy.
    What punishments are bring dished out? Well the head of the catholic church in England and Wales Cormac Murphy O’Connor who covered up the abuse of disabled children by paedophile priest Father Michael Hill has been offered a seat in the house of lords.

  2. tech Says:

    TIMES they are a changing.This sort of abuse was never condoned,and accepted only by the people involved.

  3. PEB Says:

    Times are only changing because they were caught. Of course it was condoned. These rapists actions were covered up for years for the sake of reputation and greed.
    Religion has very little to do this issue and you cannot defend the indefensible.

  4. tech Says:

    Thats true. But you will never find Tech defend religion either there are lots of faults with religion.