5th January 2010

“I visited the Vatican earlier this year and was suprised to see there wasn't separate toilets for believers and non-believers like the Catholics claimed were needed for their teaching staff in the new [Scottish, shared campus, mixed faith] schools here.”


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  1. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    What is the source for this quote?

  2. solomon Says:

    Dear Oxymoronic Christhinker,
    No need to comment on new quote la.. Solve your faith problems first la..
    ( chinese speaking style…I’am no chinese…)

  3. PEB Says:

    Maybe we need seperate toilets because apparently “Atheists are not fully human”. As said by Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor of the catholic church (yes, the same person who covered up the child abuse cases by his own preists in Northern Ireland)

  4. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    Islamic states condemn attack on Danish cartoonist:
    But probably a fair amount of reading between the lines is in order here; Solomon undoubtedly “condemns” the attack as well, yet would most assuredly condemn the cartoonist to hell. Or at least claim that his god condemns Kurt Westergaard to hell. And it will take a lot more than a single report from CNN to convince me that “Islamic states” are sincere in their condemnation. FYI: The Organization of the Islamic Conference is attatched to the UN – their web site is at http://www.oic-oci.org/member_states.asp

    PEB: You have a link for the source of the good Cardinal’s asinine quote? It’s not that I don’t believe you. I’d just like to know the source first hand.

  5. Admin Says:

    What is the source for this quote?

    The original article in the Scotsman has disappeared but the context is here:

  6. tech Says:

    I do not know what the above statement has to do with believers or non- believers.

  7. PEB Says:

    It’s an article on faith schools and whether they have a place in modern society. The catholic church demanded (back in 2004) that their precious, brain washed pupils and staff should be kept seperate from other pupils and staff from different religions (or lack of). Where two schools shared the same campus they wanted seperate entrances, toilets, nurseries and gyms.

    No doubt the world would have come crashing down if one of the catholic pupils overhears a conversation about condoms!

  8. tech Says:

    Peb do you really think that todays youth are that nieve?Well I don’t .

  9. tech Says:

    It wouldn’t to me if all the Ahiests in the world or catholics or who ever had seperate washrooms. It would probally be a good thing.Not a big topic of discussion for me.

  10. tech Says:

    Condoms are not a sure fire method of birth control. They have been known to break.

  11. CaptainZero1969 Says:


  12. tech Says:


  13. PEB Says:

    Tech – you have really let me down. Yesterday your thoughts were reasonably easy to read and whilst I didn’t agree with you it was obvious you at least gave some of your answers a bit of thought.

    You really think it’s a good idea to separate people of different religions? Are you a Nazi?

    I think you meant “naive”

    Condoms are 98% effective

  14. tech Says:

    Ok so I was partly right 98% is not a 100%,and yes I meant ” naive “.I never said that my spelling was a hundred percent either lol. No i’m not a Nazi.For the record,I have no time the beliefs of different religions.Because religion is man reaching up to God. But Christianity was God reaching down to man.A lot of Religions today claim to be Christian but they are not.

  15. Holysmokes Says:

    This quote seems a bit odd in this day and age. What was the specific reason/s voiced by the school for separate facilities? Was it truly a fear of contamination by other faiths?

  16. Chris Says:

    Seat belts are not 100% effective either but we don’t feel silly when we click in. As with any technology, when used as designed and intended condoms are HIGHLY effective at preventing the spread of STDs and preventing unwanted pregnancies.

    So Christ preached intolerance? Can you give me an example?

  17. tech Says:

    Christ said in Mark 9: 40 ” For whoever is not against us is for us” I think he preached love and tolerance.

  18. Chris Says:

    Christ is PURPORTED to have said that. Mark (who wasn’t Mark but was given that name since the actual author is unknown) wasn’t there to record the actual words. This kind of black and white thinking ought to make one uncomfortable.

    Did you run right out and remove the seat belts from your car? Planes crash too, but we still use ’em. McDonald’s occasionally serves a bad burger but people still go. Heart bypasses have a massive (by comparison) failure rate that results in death on the OR table but we still want ’em when necessary.

  19. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:

    Admin: Thanks for the link.

    tech: Not a big topic for you? You don’t know what the quote has to do with believers and non-believers? You don’t have time for the beliefs of different religions? And yet you apparently do have time to attempt to proselytize on the AQOTD. You really do miss the point a lot, don’t you? How about seperate web-site for everybody, too? I mean we wouldn’t want us theists to be influenced by other kinds of theists and especially those big bad atheists now would we? Condoms break? See Chr…er, Cap’n’s comment. And you really should refrain from proof-texting because, 1) Mark 9:40 is not about love and tolerance, and 2) Cap’n is better at it than you.

    Holy Smokes: Based on the link provided by Admin, I’d say the reasons were nothing more interesting than territorial pissings by the Catholic Church and, yes, FEAR of the influence of other faiths and ‘no-faiths.’ The Catholic hierarchy is well aware of their weak position in regards to the realities of this day and age. “A bit odd” indeed.

    Solomon: You believe in a ‘peaceful’ god that casts those that do not agree with it/you into an eternity of pain and suffering. And you think I have a faith problem?

    PEB: Do you (or anyone else) know the source for the quote of Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor concerning the humanity of atheists?

  20. tech Says:

    Chris will you make a point.Man I haven’t witnessed a man so ill willed as you in all of my born days . You need to get a life my friend.Your not an athiest,,even an athiest has a better out look on life than you do.

  21. PEB Says:

    “This quote seems a bit odd in this day and age.”. Unfortunately not. Only a couple of months ago a Catholic faith school in England said it did not want it’s pupils to share a school bus with non-Catholic children.
    They don’t need a reason for most of the rubbish they spout.

  22. PEB Says:

    Oxy, here he is with the quote:

  23. Chris Says:

    Ouch. Tech doesn’t like me. He’s witnessing to atheists and I’m the one that needs a life? Wow.

    The O’Connor vid was removed. Probably from embarrassment. I remember the comment. Of course, if being human involves interfering with young boys, as seems “normal” in catholic clergy, then I’m more than happy to be considered not fully human.

    The quote illustrates the mine-field one walks into when the state sponsors religious schools with public money. There’s simply no way for the state to address the spectrum of beliefs. Better to stay out of it. Of course, if the school was paid for with church money they can do what they want.

  24. PEB Says:

    Apologies, the link was in my favourites but I never checked it was still working.
    There is a good article here:


  25. tech Says:

    Things look so different when your on the outside looking in.Very easy to make rash judgments. I’m not here to convert anyone, just correct some who seem to think they know it all.

  26. tech Says:

    As for you Chris. I don’t hate you. I don’t hate anyone.

  27. tech Says:

    Peb i’m starting to think that you and I are of the same mind when it comes to child abuse. Child abuse should be dealt with more severely if it was committed by a person of trust. AS was pointed out, in the catholic church for instance.

  28. tony cynic Says:

    After they had been busted how many times?
    Why do so many religious groups have so many problems with sex and/or children?

  29. solomon Says:

    Dear Oxymoronic Christhinker,
    You want everything to go inline with your views or ways. Things that does not fulfill your needs or your lusts have to make way out. Who are we to determine all that. Look around you, every other living or non living matter obeys a certain system & this system is determined by god. Look at the planetary bodies, its bigger & mightier than you, but see how obedient it is,orbiting in its course for billions of years without complain. If the earth started to complain, it might have stop spinning long time ago. All these systems that god determines have its reasons & advantages. But suddenly this tiny creature(you) who have just live for a mere time of the day makes a lot of noise despite unlimited gifts bestowed by god upon them.

  30. tech Says:

    Amen solomon amen.