25th February 2010

“Successful religions make it a sin to question the fundamental beliefs on which they are based, so once inside the belief system the exits are sealed off.”

Unknown author

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  1. MagicAintReal Says:

    Ok Solomon, I only said two of the transitional fossils because your claim was that there are none. you had never said, where is the mid-3/4 point between ape and man, you said there were NO transitional fossils. Besides WE ARE APES!!!! We are modern apes. Here are some more transitional fossils:
    Apidium, Aegyptopithecus, Ardipithecus, Australopithecus. Now what can you say? How can you move the goal post back this time? Why do the religious do this? They are given the evidence that they claim does not exist and then they make the goal further back. We already scored, quit changing the rules.
    I have provided you with early apes and modern apes, us, and all you can say is what??? Seriously, bring something not-retarded to the table. i dare ya.

  2. John Says:

    I’ll try but thats tuff…

  3. Atheist MC Says:

    If anyone is still watching this thread. I’m in

  4. solomon Says:

    Dear MagicAintReal, You are not winning an argument yet you try hard to twist & turn.All this while we are talking about a full set of the transitional fossils which is much understood even if I did’nt mention regarding half or three quarter transformation.Technically you have lost the argument but I still entertain you for truth sake.I did’nt claim there are No or None transitional fossils as how you put it.I claim theres no Sets, I repeat, no Sets of transitional fossils.Giving only two early primate samples is equivalent to No fossil sets. Now you come up with other samples which I bet is no much difference from your earlier ones.Go away and come back to me when you have dug out the rest of the fossils that I require.

  5. steve Says:

    And so began the ten day effort. Won’t you join in?