6th March 2010

“James Hutton, 'Father of Geology' tapped his hammer about Salisbury Crags, striking his own early blow at the Biblical timescale in 1788 when he declared: 'We find no vestige of a beginning… no prospect of an end.'”

Jim Gilchrist

14 Responses to “6th March 2010”

  1. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Ok, totally unrelated to the quote – sorry – but these stories always amuse the hell out of me.


    Why is it all the conservative anti-gay crusaders end up being gay? Methinks they protest too much…

  2. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    A funny thing happens when you look at evidence: the truth.

  3. solomon Says:

    the quote….Ahh….just a human who claim that.No need to bother

  4. Holysmokes Says:

    I wonder …how did the church take such a comment?

  5. tech Says:

    The truth you wouldn’t know what the truth was if it bit your leg off.

  6. John Says:


    They took it as always. They turned up the smoke machine, had the faithful spit-polish the mirrors and told them to go read their Stone Age fairy tale books and not question the man behind the curtain.

  7. tech Says:

    Yesterday was a day for poems by the ATHEISTS. So I have a little poem or whatever. On this planet there is no room’ so lets send all those gloomy atheists to the Moon. Your bound to like that . You could have your own Goverment. Atheists would rule.Sounds like heaven for the Atheist.

  8. Atheist MC Says:

    Another limerick for tech

    God gave humans a brain to amuse them
    Yet gets kind of cross when they use them
    If they find it transparent
    God isn’t apparent
    He sends them to hell to abuse them.

  9. PEB Says:

    This is so much easier after a couple of glasses.

    No offence tech! – honest

    Jesus was gay

    Jesus was gay? I hear you all say. 
    Well he had lovely hair which he combed every day. 
    Surrounded by men because women were scary. 
    The man on his arm was the one they called Mary. 
    He always drank wine and never touched beer. 
    Our lord Jesus Christ. The original queer.   

  10. Holysmokes Says:


    Now that’s a poem! I’ve been hitting the ski slopes trying to kill myself by hitting trees. Suffice it to say I’m a bit sore, but I laughed my ass off at your poem/comeback. Well done.

  11. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Good poem Holysmokes. Jesus, the original queer. Love it!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

  12. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Ooops. I mean, good poem PEB.

  13. steve Says:

    In seventeen hundred and seventy eight,
    a man named Hutton set things straight.
    When he cracked with his hammer
    set the churches to yammer
    and so, were the superstitious set straight.

    And still the old blowhard named Steve
    was late; hope his cohorts weren’t peeved
    As he cranked out some rhymes
    and made up for lost times
    He got busy and rolled up his sleeves.

  14. steve Says:

    As I struggle to make up a rhyme
    I have learned that with haste you make nine.
    But I still think it wise
    and will not compromise
    else I’ll end up not knowing ‘deep time’.

    Thank you, Sir Hutton. This quote became more impressive when I read about the time and setting.