10th March 2010

“Saudi Arabia, while containing only 1% of the world's Muslim population, accounts for 90% of expenditures on Islamic religious education worldwide.”

Alex Mayer

18 Responses to “10th March 2010”

  1. Holysmokes Says:

    Gee, it couldn’t have anything to do with all that oil revenue could it?

  2. solomon Says:

    God provides wealth to whom he wishes.

  3. Oxymoronic Christhinker Says:


  4. solomon Says:

    WOW ….that was an excellent notice!

  5. John Says:

    I’s bee-za goo slave massa-hail Satan-full love to Grace

    If only it was real…there’s no place like home…

  6. John Says:

    Just goes to show you, money don’t make it right. However, as proven elsewhwere, money will be the downfall. It just may take a while.

  7. steve Says:

    I am in no way sticking up for the Saudis or the religion, among other things, that they finance, and I would point out that nearly all of the 911 killers were Saudi. As has been noted above, it is all about money and oil.

    But having said that, we do have to clean our own house here, especially in the US, where superstitious thoughts are given tax preference.

  8. steve Says:

    Jeebus made ‘news of the weird’:

    Just after Christmas, the Anglican Church of St. Peter in Great Limber, England, unveiled artist Adam Sheldon’s 6-foot-high representation of the crucifixion consisting of 153 pieces of toast. Sheldon browned the bread himself, then painstakingly either scraped (to lighten) or torched (to darken) each piece to fashion the tableau. [Daily Telegraph, 1-13-10]

    The host is toast, not crackers. There may be a new job for Sollie, eh?

  9. MagicAintReal Says:

    According to Solomon, “God provides wealth to whom he wishes.” So, evil men who have great wealth, are wealthy because of god. God provides wealth to Kim Jung Il. God provides wealth to drug lords. God wishes to provide wealth to evil people. Am I incorrect Solomon?

  10. monoloss Says:

    Majikisreal you are just the same as the rest of the Atheists, touting away their children from the ultimate truth .WhateverGod wishes he will do as you know wasting lives on to only to be in gods hatred.What a questions arrives to nothing.Most sincere doom of fate they’re in. And finally they will be chased to the Dungeons of HELL!!!

  11. tech Says:

    MagicAintReal, Why do you keep blaming God for everything bad people do. People have a free will to do as they please,even if it doesn’t please God.

  12. MagicAintReal Says:

    I don’t blame god for anything simply because it is very likely he does not exist. The religious are the people touting that god is responsible for everything. The problem is that you guys love saying that god is responsible for the good things in the world, but when bad things happen you scream “people’s free will.” I argue for you to be consistent. Either god is responsible for everything or he is responsible for nothing.

  13. Atheist MC Says:

    Not so much a quote as a statistic, and not a very surprising one at that.

  14. steve Says:

    AMC, nice summary. Says it all.

  15. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    I notice another theist has joined the group. Oxy, you may wanna give your new buddy a little ESL help.

    Monoloss – if God knows everything, then she knew a thousand years before I was born that i’d be an atheist, didn’t she? So, my being doomed was inevitable and completely beyond my control. Frankly, this makes her a bit of a bitch.

    Of course this is all academic since both she and hell don’t exist.

  16. solomon Says:

    Dear MagicAintReal,

    You always start with bad thoughts about god.You should exercise a little patience first.Youre plainly wrong.There are also poor evil men & rich wise men.God provides wealth or make someone poor as a test to such individuals.How they obtain the wealth & how they use the resources,is it according to gods rules.So being rich or poor doesnt mean youre on gods side.The one who fully abide to gods rules are on gods side.

  17. solomon Says:

    Dear CaptainZero1969,

    Its true that god knows what would be become of you long before you existed but its wrong to say youre being doomed was inevitable and completely beyond your control.Its absolutely under your control.Did’nt god gave you free will.Are there invincible hands controlling your good or bad deeds?That freewill is what you have to use wisely,abiding to gods rules.The route you chooses that determines your fate.So your predetermined fate depends on your choice.If someone chooses the wrong choice then it is fated that he will suffer in hell and vice versa.

  18. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    The above argument makes absolutely no logical sense.

    If God knows that someone is going to kill millions of people and cause untold suffering, what is merciful and just about that? What good can come of this? This is not a God we should worship – this is a God to run away from.