14th March 2010

“The Bad News Is God Doesn't Exist, The Good News Is You Don't Need Him.”

Italian Union of Atheists

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  1. solomon Says:

    How can you say God does’nt exist a bad news.I thought the Atheist would love if God does’nt exist.If you don’t need him maybe you don’t have to drink the water he poured from the sky or even eat the abundance of food he supplied.What a silly quote.

  2. John Says:

    Where’s there any proof that a god has ever existed other than in your mind, old solomon? Don’t say in some old outdated book written by man in the Pre-Dark Ages because, that’s no proof. There is not one piece of evidence anywhere now or in the past that can prove that a god ever has existed. Except of course in a person mind; and we all know how accurate the human mind can be or how easily it can be fooled.

  3. Hypatia Says:

    If god exists why is he hiding? Why doesn’t he cross the sky in his flaming chariot like he supposedly did in the past? Why doesn’t he talk to us directly rather than through a few dubious individuals (always men!) who claim divine authority.

    Cos he’s not there – that’s why!

  4. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    If you plot number of miracles one axis and the centuries since the start of the common era on the other, you get a step cliff right about the time of the enlightenment. Any theists care to explain why that might be? My guess is that God realized we didn’t need her any more and went home to Kolob.

  5. NoReflection Says:


  6. Holysmokes Says:


    I don’t know of a single atheist who would be happy that a god doesn’t exist. We would love for him/her to be real. I’d love to end up in heaven humping 72 virgins. The point is that there is a uniform lack of evidence supporting the idea. You seem to think atheists hate gods. We don’t. We simply see no reason to believe.

    Why don’t you make it your personal quest to find some real evidence for us? We could certainly use some help in that regard. Are you up to the challenge? Please don’t quote anymore silly passages from your quran. That is not evidence.

  7. solomon Says:

    If the Qoran is not evidence than what is it?.You all seem to purposely refute what truth Qoran have told.If you think Mohammad is a stoneage tribal from the middle ages, then why he could recite countless scientific doctrine that have been proofed true today.Why don’t you all elaborate on this.Because you can’t.You are just trying to swept away that idea hoping people will forget about it.Why you all trying to run away from the truth revealed by Qoran.Now who are the more conscious?

  8. solomon Says:

    Human beings, being one of the profound intelligent creature could not even produce a single dust, yet they can irresponsibly guessed nature, with unknown origin or form is responsible for every creation or process of life.That was the most bullshit thing that have ever been heard.I wonder why they fail to use reasoning.Maybe its true they are the doomed lots.Running away from truth.

  9. solomon Says:

    Dear Holysmokes, your thoughts or imagination or your hearts desire for god to appear in front of your eyes is just not gods ways of showing his existence.Even wise men like the prophets only sees gods signs.It is not to us, a creature as disdain as a dust to arrange what sort of governing have to be adopted.God knows best.We are ordered only to surrender to him and obey his orders for our own benefit.He does not at a single instance misuse his powers by punishing one right there and then like some powerful human lords when one disobeys.In fact he give them free will.That is most probably are gods ways.

  10. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    It might be bad news for believers. For atheists, it’s old news – we’ve always known we don’t need a god in order to live a good life.

  11. PEB Says:

    “If the Qoran is not evidence than what is it?” – a book.
    “why he could recite countless scientific doctrine” – an example please.

    “Human beings, being one of the profound intelligent creature…” oh the irony.

  12. solomon Says:

    Dear Peb, Qoran=not an ordinary book example of countless scientific doctrines=read it yourself

  13. Hypatia Says:

    solomon: “Qoran=not an ordinary book example of countless scientific doctrines=read it yourself”

    As PEB says, an example please.

    Do you really believe everything those bullshit Imams tell you?

  14. solomon Says:

    Dear Hypatia,
    Don’t just simply say its bullshit, read it first.
    Guessing nature, with unknown origin or form responsible for every creation or process of life can be called bullshit.

  15. PEB Says:

    Sol. I have no desire to read it. Just sum up one of these insights into science please. Or is your statement untrue?

  16. John Says:

    Sorry solomon… you’ll never get them to read your rag as you can never hold an AK 47 to their heads.

  17. solomon Says:

    Ah……..Peb & John,
    You don’t have to highlight you cheap arguments here.

  18. Holysmokes Says:

    Solomon, you truly are a piece of work. People have constantly asked you to produce “scientific doctrine” (as you call it), from your Quran, yet you refuse. You are supposedly the expert regarding it. Enlighten us.

    I also went into a small amount of detail explaining science to you, yet you still toss the word “prove” out there. Have you learned nothing?

    You are gullible enough to treat a bronze age book like it’s some sort of super enlightening prophecy. It isn’t. Yet you ignore the evidence that science brings to you daily. Have you at least begun researching the Transitional Fossil assignment I gave you? Have you even bothered to start reading any of the published scientific articles I supplied?

    Your refusal to learn is really depressing …and more than a little disturbing. You are exactly the sort of candidate the islamic fanatics use to kill others. You are a very sad and confused person. We cannot help you here.

  19. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    According to less enlightened theists, we’re created in God’s image. Ok, but it seems pretty round about for an omnipotent being to take about 4.5 billions years (on this planet, let alone the age of the rest of it) to achieve us. And a paltry result, mostly. Question: What does God use his penis, testicles and rectum for? I’ve never heard of him eating so i’m not clear what he needs an excretory system for. As for raping virgins, he seems able to do that without the otherwise necessary parts.

  20. Steve Says:

    Reading Sollie’s first post – and ONLY his first post – I think he might had been trying to make a valid point. Maybe. Why would it be bad news that God does not exist to an atheist? It is no news at all. Giving Sollie every possible benefit of the doubt, I am gonna give him a little gold Ka-Ka on the forehead for one solitary point. The. first. one.

    Then I read the rest of his dribble and realized that he shot his wad with that one thought.

    This AQOTD is not my favorite. It sounds like bad advertising.
    (‘Save Big!’ OK, what do you do with a ‘big’?)

    …and Sollie, I have read plenty of your Koran. Enough to see that there is little of value contained in it. The Koran holds very little of interest beyond a historical perspective of goat herders and tribal feuds and the joys of predatory sex. No thanks, I gave up medieval life for Lent..

  21. solomon Says:

    Dear Holysmokes, not that I’am reluctant to produce the scientific doctrine but have highlight it a few times but your lots pretend not to see it or unable to refute.Now let then look at it for themselves.For Captain your tounge will be surely burned in Hell!

  22. John Says:

    solomon…… I was just in Hell with your fellow brothers and funny thing… IT IS CHOCKED FULL of muslims and christians. I never met a single Atheist!!! Damn your luck… DUDE! Guess I’m on the right side after all.

    “Whaaaa….ka ka ka ka” as you rant on, fool.

  23. John Says:

    Oh, and BYE!

  24. PEB Says:

    Sol. You are clearly reluctant. Perhaps the science you refer to is where the Quran says the first man Adam was made from clay?

    Or perhaps “It is He Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon.  All (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its rounded course” – which clearly refers to astronomy and the orbit of the planets?

    “That He did create the pairs, male and female, from a sperm-drop when lodged in its place” (53:45-46).
    This apparently is the quran explaining fetal development.

    Well not really is it? This isn’t science sol but vague references with no clear explanations. He could have at least included a diagram or two 🙂

    Read a proper book.

  25. Atheist MC Says:

    For amusement and kind of relevent to the subject of why God never bothered to reveal any science in the scripture. what would Jesus NOT do?

  26. Holysmokes Says:


    I have read this blog for the past several months and have yet to see a single, “scientific doctrine” posted by you or anyone else. Why do you say things that are just not so? Isn’t lying a bad thing in your religion?

    If you post factual science, I will certainly look at it. Give it your best shot. Let us see what your book has to offer.

  27. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    I honestly don’t see the value in engaging this person called Solomon.

    It’s obvious they are looking to disrupt the conversation on this site, and by engaging them, they win. Don’t take their bait. We can see from the posts that they are hopelessly lost in fairy land.

    You KNOW that this person will never change or listen to reason, so ignoring them is the best possible thing to do.

  28. Holysmokes Says:


    Yes, we performed a 7 day experiment doing exactly that. It was a peaceful week …and we had some great thought-provoking conversations. We could make it a permanent thing, but I think it’s a fairness issue. Who are we to decide who gets a voice and who doesn’t?

  29. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    HS, this person obviously has a voice but you can clearly see they are not interested in fostering any kind of thought-provoking conversation.

    This person does nothing but incite and bait. They are a rude and disrespectful attention-seeker, and they thrive on getting people to respond because they know that that keeps people from doing what the site is intended to do: provide a forum for the courteous exchange of ideas on atheist quotes.

    I’ve enjoyed the conversation since I started visiting – and I think it was around the time that the experiment was under way.

    Since then, however, more energy and effort has been spent trying to reason with someone who obviously does not respect your or my opinions.

    So, I guess I’m just wondering what satisfaction is to be gained? It seems to be a useless endeavor because you’ll never get any satisfaction. Satisfaction would be ignoring this troll and seeing them whine and cry for attention, because that’s all they are seeking.

    Anyway, that’s my $0.02 on the topic and I don’t want to waste any more time giving this person the attention they do non deserve.

  30. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    ….um…..that’s “do not” deserve.

  31. solomon Says:

    Youre a fine example of the easily chicken out dude.

  32. Atheist MC Says:

    The amusing thing about sol is, he seems to think there is some massive audience out there hanging on every discussion, and he’s made it his mission to (he thinks) make atheism seem trivial.
    So sol; for one thing, you’re saving nobody from hell by doing what you’re doing, I doubt there are more than a couple of dozen regular visitors to this site and most of them will be atheists (if the moderators want to correct me on that I’d be interesed). For another, your posts are puerile and you are doing more damage to your own position than ours.
    I for one am always up for debating with intelligent and informed theists. I don’t even mind if doesn’t relate to the quote (some of which don’t inspire much debate anyway) but sol is neither intelligent or informed. So I’m done with him (even in rhyme).

  33. Holysmokes Says:

    GWG, regarding your comments yesterday

    It’s funny because I used to have the same opinion you do regarding Solomon and Tech. Tech has made great strides to improve his commentary, but Solomon, well, he is who he is.

    I have no problem ignoring him. In fact, if you look over the past several weeks you will see that I, and most of us usually do. But, every now and then I get the urge to challenge him. He’s like the dog sitting in the corner. Once in a while, when he whines for attention, I’ll throw him a bone.

    Obviously he will never listen to any of us, however one positive does come out of it. It allows me to see the level of ignorance the typical believer possesses. I happen to have several relatives who are devout christian believers and its quite interesting to see how little they know about their own faith. Solomon allows me to express comments that I probably would not make to relatives, primarily to keep peace in the family. I am constantly amazed at how everything about his religion is, “factual” in his eyes, yet science is BS. I’d like to find out what causes this level of stupidity.

    It isn’t what Solomon says, it is what makes him tick that I have more of an interest in. For example, he is likely not well educated, but then neither am I. Statistics have shown that most believers are under educated. I also think his IQ is on par with a young teenager, primarily based on his childish level of taunting. Also, notice his constant misuse of simple things like punctuation, despite being told how to correct it.

    He is of a singular mind, most likely because he was brainwashed at a young age. Either that, or he is a recovering addict of some kind was then encouraged by others to find religion. He seems to enjoy making ridiculous comments, but when pressed a bit, he has no real answers. Like yesterday when I challenged him to look for transitional fossil evidence. He probably won’t bother and will come up with some silly answer to defend his lack of initiative ….or ignore me completely. However, if he does decide to make an attempt, I will help him. I no problem attempting to educate people, even if they are very abrasive.

    But AMC is right, sometimes these quotes leave little to discuss and people like Solomon fill in the gaps. If the forum wants to collectively ignore him again, that’s fine with me. In fact, perhaps we can agree to ignore him, unless he actually says something intelligent, or thought provoking. It might be a good experiment to see if he actually does possess an IQ above his ape cousins. I’ve noticed that he tries to plagiarize on occasions to hide his ignorance, but that is easy to spot.

    Ok, how about a group consensus? Only respond to Solomon if:
    1. He says something worth responding to?
    2. Always ignore him?
    3. Keep the status quo?
    4. Other? Example; try to convert him to Judaism?

  34. Holysmokes Says:

    Ooops, wrong date.