15th March 2010

“Freedom of religion and conscience are fundamental rights. Europe can only protect these rights, and safeguard its diversity, if the EU institutions are strictly neutral and independent. It is important that all voices be heard in the public debate, including that of religions, churches and non confessional organisations. But the current European Commission gives a privileged position to religions and churches, mainly the more conservative strands. Humanists and progressive liberal religious associations are virtually ignored by the Commission. Religious lobbies must be subject to the same rules on transparency that apply to all other lobbies.”

Sophie in 't Veld

25 Responses to “15th March 2010”

  1. Holysmokes Says:

    Soooo, basically the government is playing favorites in the UK? Its hardly surprising. Similar instances occur in virtually every 1st world country because it’s a numbers game. Believers outnumber nonbelievers, consequently they have more say, despite the laws on the books. As more and more people see the illogic of religion and faith, this too shall pass. Not likely in our lifetimes though …unless science pulls a rabbit out of the hat regarding the god illusion.

  2. Holysmokes Says:

    GWG, regarding your comments yesterday

    It’s funny because I used to have the same opinion you do regarding Solomon and Tech. Tech has made great strides to improve his commentary, but Solomon, well, he is who he is.

    I have no problem ignoring him. In fact, if you look over the past several weeks you will see that I, and most of us usually do. But, every now and then I get the urge to challenge him. He’s like the dog sitting in the corner. Once in a while, when he whines for attention, I’ll throw him a bone.

    Obviously he will never listen to any of us, however one positive does come out of it. It allows me to see the level of ignorance the typical believer possesses. I happen to have several relatives who are devout christian believers and its quite interesting to see how little they know about their own faith. Solomon allows me to express comments that I probably would not make to relatives, primarily to keep peace in the family. I am constantly amazed at how everything about his religion is, “factual” in his eyes, yet science is BS. I’d like to find out what causes this level of stupidity.

    It isn’t what Solomon says, it is what makes him tick that I have more of an interest in. For example, he is likely not well educated, but then neither am I. Statistics have shown that most believers are under educated. I also think his IQ is on par with a young teenager, primarily based on his childish level of taunting. Also, notice his constant misuse of simple things like punctuation, despite being told how to correct it.

    He is of a singular mind, most likely because he was brainwashed at a young age. Either that, or he is a recovering addict of some kind was then encouraged by others to find religion. He seems to enjoy making ridiculous comments, but when pressed a bit, he has no real answers. Like yesterday when I challenged him to look for transitional fossil evidence. He probably won’t bother and will come up with some silly answer to defend his lack of initiative ….or ignore me completely. However, if he does decide to make an attempt, I will help him. I no problem attempting to educate people, even if they are very abrasive.

    But AMC is right, sometimes these quotes leave little to discuss and people like Solomon fill in the gaps. If the forum wants to collectively ignore him again, that’s fine with me. In fact, perhaps we can agree to ignore him, unless he actually says something intelligent, or thought provoking. It might be a good experiment to see if he actually does possess an IQ above his ape cousins. I’ve noticed that he tries to plagiarize on occasions to hide his ignorance, but that is easy to spot.

    Ok, how about a group consensus? Only respond to Solomon if:
    1. He says something worth responding to?
    2. Always ignore him?
    3. Keep the status quo?
    4. Other? Example; try to convert him to Judaism?

  3. solomon Says:

    Dear Holysmokes,
    You are making up excuses to degade me.I too can spot your tactics.Calling me stupid or anything else are just your retoric words.Just words with no impact whatsoever.If you think you’re enough of intelligence then why some of my views you can’t refute or just keep quiet about it.I vow and challenge you will find yourself to be the fool or stupid sooner or later.

  4. solomon Says:

    degade should be degrade

  5. The Heretic Says:

    That is the only spelling/grammer/punctuation error you are correcting? Why bother??!!

    With the exception of the last two sentences, I choose 1, which effectively means 2. It is the only way to keep a good debate going on this site.

  6. Atheist MC Says:

    Yes option 1. It’s the fair thing to do, ‘cos ya never know, one day he might say something worth replying to.

  7. John Says:

    “Islam is, in its core spirit, a fascist totalitarian ideology. It is so in the kuran, hadith and shariah. Also in Mohammad’s biography (sirat). No muslim can escape from that. All our criticism of islam is either not read or falls on deaf ears.” Daniel Pipes.

    I to will agree and stick with ya’all. It did start to feel I was fighting a rock.

  8. John Says:

    It did seem to me that the UE had made great strides in leading the way out of the “darkness of doom [that is religion]” at least up until old Tony Blair decided to follow in W Bush’s foot steps and screw the World for oil. He just had to jump in bed with W and became a “lap dog” or “Bush’s Bitch” and now their house of cards has fallen. What a mess…

    The UE needs to get back on the path of leadership. The French seem to be at least doing something.

  9. Holysmokes Says:


    I never implied that I wasn’t attempting to insult you. Until you learn to accept the fact that other people might just have valid points against your religion, I will have no respect for you. Close-minded people are dangerous and it makes you look completely stupid. Wise up and listen once in a while.

    By the way, how is that homework assignment coming? …or do you intend to make another one of my points for me?

  10. Holysmokes Says:


    I think you will find that every eight years, Americans have this habit of tossing out the old leadership by swapping between two political parties. We seem to go from Republican-Conservatives like Bush, to Democratic-Liberals like Obama and then back. Each always try to undo as much as they can from their processor’s administration. It’s quite pathetic. One of the few endearing traits of the Democrats is that they lean more towards getting religion out of all things government. Now if I could just get them to stop giving my hard-earned tax dollars to every bleeding heart moron who’s too lazy to get a job!

    I am not sure how much of the political process here bleeds over into the EU, but it must have a significant impact.

  11. solomon Says:

    Here folks, some points for the atheist to ponder.So much so all the atheists ideas regarding the origines of life or the creation of things have originated or from the source of human itself or from within.Can one take the words or ideas from an existing object,here the object being the human.Imagine an object itself giving ideas on the nature of its origins!This would sound absurd and should be rejected.An objects origins should be told by an independent or third party in other words the creator of the object.Example, a talking car cannot surely say anything about his existence.He may only guess that he appears as a result of some natural self activated combination of materials or some sort of mutations.He is in no way in the position to comment on his origins even if he comes across some evidence that he originates from some car factory.The one who is in the position to comment on the cars origin is man,who built the car.Now whose words regarding the cars origin would you hear?The man or the car?This principle applies the same to the origins of other things including us. The one whose authorise to comment is our creator or GOD,not humans or other things.Try to apply your reasonings folks.

  12. steve Says:

    Holysmokes, you have heard the old axiom that it is hard to have a mental duel with someone who is unarmed? Sollie has shown himself to simply be an idiot. I am not calling names, I am stating a fact.

    There is no dialog with sollie, just the same old silliness.

    But as several people have stated, Tech is making a real effort at improving, so I would have no problem responding to him at this point. Does this mean that there is hope for sollie? Probably not.

    Heretic, funny line. I agree with you, so for the record, I choose #1, which probably means #2.

    As far as today’s quote, I could not get past the first line.
    Freedom of religion and conscience are competing fundamental rights.

    Where is the freedom from religion?

  13. Atheist MC Says:


    I am not sure how much of the political process here bleeds over into the EU, but it must have a significant impact.

    Probably less than you’d think. The E.U is culturally very diverse which is why it has enough difficulty agreeing on anything much, let alone have a coherent attitude towards the U.S.
    There is a direct effect on U.K politics though. Bush and Blair would not normally be obvious soul mates if it wasn’t for the propensity of British Priministers to measure themselves by how well they get on with the President du jour.

  14. steve Says:

    AMC – While I agree that the US has less impact than they think, there is, as you say a direct effect – one way only.

    I think that a young man we met in Ireland summed it up the best. I was remarking at his incredible level of knowledge about the US. He said he could always tell someone from the ‘States, since we “knew little about the rest of the world, and seem determined to keep it that way.”

  15. solomon Says:

    The Atheists are Losing….Don’t dare to comment on my latest post.

  16. solomon Says:

    The Stupidity of the Atheists are beginning to Surface.
    Whaaaa…ka ka ka ka

  17. John Says:

    Could not “sollie” be classified as a mentally challenged or handicapped individual due to psychic conditioning? I am no psychiatrist however; it seems to me that he is unable to see our side because of his lifelong brainwashing and conditioning into islam and thus not willing to or able to leave that comfort zone, i.e. religion. Thus, I see him as mentally challenged or handicapped via his indoctrination. Maybe that is why he is here. He may be looking for a safe way out. I am not defending his reactions to this site.

    I use to have a neighbor that belonged to some church of christ cult that during a normal conversation, say in the back yard over the fence, he would start spouting chants. I used to warn the kids to stay away as he was, in all outward appearances “touched”. Last I heard god needed him; so he took him home in a violent traffic accident with a tree.

    Holysmokes: Don’t you think that each time the US swings “left”; religion becomes less powerful? The “right wing” currently has control of the Supreme Court however, not to the extreme one would think. They have realized that the “Courts” and the “Courts Decisions” are the ties that bind the US and one can see that gripe at the people’s throat being newly challenged. When bush seized power with the courts aid; I sense that that was just the start of a left leaning swig that is only now just gaining momentum.

  18. Holysmokes Says:

    ANC & steve,

    I too must confess that your Irish friend is correct. I fall into the category of ignorance as well, however a tad less likely than the average American. I suppose that has a little to do with multiple trips all over the planet courtesy of the US tax dollar. Anyhow, I don’t have enough information to pose a credible reply regarding the EU, except that it does seem to me that whatever the US decides to do, the UK follows. If the roles were reversed, I’d be pissed too. I’ll be surprised if NATO is still around in 20 years.


    Using the analogy of a car’s origins to compare with life is stupid. Enough said, now go do your homework.


    Yes, I think you have a valid point regarding the Supreme court. Case-in-point, when a president like Bush gets out of bed in the morning and bases his decisions on what a god would want him to do, well …I’ll hold my tongue. If you look at history, it is common for presidents to win a second term ,regardless of party affiliation. History also shows that this second term is where they routinely do the most damage. Probably because they no longer need to worry about getting reelected. In fact, it’s also common for their approval rating to be so low near the end of their second term that the other party swoops in and wins the presidency. I think one of the largest problems in the US is our short-term memory.

  19. steve Says:

    John, your comments about Sollie not being able to see ‘our side’ might be due to any number of things.

    The real issue is not his inability to see ‘our side’, the real issue is that he is apparently unable to explain or defend ‘his side’.

    What troubles our own little troll is both deficit and disorder.

  20. John Says:

    True, I never looked at it that way…

  21. steve Says:

    And as far as the AQOTD goes, if tomorrow’s is as off track as today’s was, I feel a burning (think HELLFIRE, Sollie!) desire to wax poetic again.

    Sorry, moderator/host, no offense intended, just making a comment. I do not see how a politician’s rant about levels and types of religions and how they are treated by the EU, while never even mentioning the possibility of atheism, fits as the AQOTD. No biggie. You cannot be perfect all the time, even though you are close.

  22. steve Says:

    No Problem John!

    It seems somehow fitting to utilize a committee to explain the multiple personalities of bat-shat crazy Sollie… …you get points for trying, John, and you have come as close as anyone else.

    All we can go by is what he or she writes, and that is pretty inconclusive and incoherent.

  23. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Hi HS

    That was a good response and you make some solid points. I opt for option 1 – and as MC said, that probably means #2 as well.

    But what the hell.

    I also disagree with the first sentence of the quote. Freedom from religion should be a fundamental right.

  24. solomon Says:

    A clearcut view the Atheists are unable to comment on my point of reasoning.They resort on wildly accusing me as a psycho instead.Its easy to do that ain’t it with their fancy words.Can you see viewers they are fools who follow their masters blindly without divine knowledge.Leave those inhabitants of Hell alone viewers.Get back to God.

  25. Steve Says: