16th March 2010

“In our increasingly multi-faith and secular society it is hard to see why our taxes should be used to fund schools which discriminate against the majority of children and potential staff because they are not of the same faith.”

Mary Bousted

13 Responses to “16th March 2010”

  1. John Says:

    I have been saying that for ever!! We have to change the Supreme Court back “left” to bring “freedom from religion” back to the US as our founding fathers proclaimed, died for and desired; then and only then will we get the church or should I say the fricken PREACHERS out of our private lives.

  2. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    John – I’d say it differently. We need to bring it back to “freedom OF religion” which means no particular group is shown favor or given official sanction.

  3. John Says:

    I stand corrected and agree. I believe I was thinking one way and typing another.

  4. Atheist MC Says:

    Interestingly if it’s this Mary Bousted who made the quote she’s British. Of course over here there is no separation of Chuch and State. About 70% of our Primary schools are either Church of England or Catholic and there is a growing tendency for Islamic Schools and recently one Hindu School to open. The current government actively supports this program and the main conservative opposition do too. There is a perception among parents here that Church schools are “better” in terms of learning outcomes and many will go to great lengths to secure their children places in them. Unfortunately I can’t see them giving way to more secular schools any time soon.

  5. Holysmokes Says:


    Your comment regarding the church having “better” educational success is also reflected in opinions of many christians here in the US. The sad truth is, they are right. The students in most christian schools actually do outscore public schools children in virtually all areas of the curriculum. The one area I agree with is that they are less hesitant to use discipline to keep children focused. If teachers attempt this sort of thing in public schools, many parents instantly come to the defense of their kid rather then identifying and correcting the problem.

    If we could adopt some of the tactics used by religious schools for our public classrooms, grades would improve. It’s unfortunate the current price to pay is force feeding religious doctrine to our young.

  6. solomon Says:

    A created human tells about his origins and the atheist fools believes it.Now whose crazy?Is it Captain,Steve,Holysmokes,Peb,AtheistMc & the others?

  7. The Heretic Says:

    The problem with schools today is that children view them as places for social activity instead of educational activity. Parents view them as childcare instead of education. When the focus comes back to schools being a place of learning and the teachers and parents are in agreement in discipline situations scores will improve. The advantages that private schools have are that those qualities (education and discipline) are already agreed upon and in place. Hence the children learn. How to bring that to the public schools? That would be the parents’ job.

  8. Steve Says:

    Cap’n, John; Freedom of religion infers that you have to choose between religions. That is why I like to add that true freedom of religion is also freedom FROM religion.

    And yes, here in the states the churches do get a property tax break, so they are getting a subsidy. Love to see that change, but it will be a while in this country.


    Thanks for the quote, AQOTD! Says almost the same thing as yesterday’s attempt, but phrased much more succinctly.

  9. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    I personally don’t think tax money should go to any faith-based initiative, school, charity or otherwise.

    I don’t want any of my money to help these people “spread the word” of ignorance.

  10. Holysmokes Says:

    I have to agree GWD, but it will never happen.

  11. solomon Says:

    It seems very clear that the Atheists have lose all arguments.Ahhh…..what a relief.Witness this all viewers.They cannot or did’nt dare to comment on my point of reasoning.Well I guess its about time to migrate to other Atheist sites to preach or to prevent them from swaying people from the true path.But I’am not reluctant to make a comeback if they try to sway people with their responses.

  12. Atheist MC Says:

    I personally don’t think tax money should go to any faith-based initiative, school, charity or otherwise.

    I don’t want any of my money to help these people “spread the word” of ignorance.

    If you’re the kind of person who likes to make voluntary donations bu worries that the money may be used for religious purposes please can I point you towards Foundation Beyond Belief which is an umbrella organisation that ensures all donations go to secular causes only.

  13. GoodWithoutGod Says:

    Thanks AMC. I donate to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) – a great charity and 100% non-religious!