28th April 2010

“Whether through violence or legislation the armies of god seem hell-bent on crushing free will by controlling the thoughts and deeds of those around them.”

Ben Ridge

24 Responses to “28th April 2010”

  1. solomon Says:

    Its only the Atheists with their skeptic thoughts allways feel people are controlling ones thoughts whereas they are showing the right path for a safe journey in life & afterlife.

  2. John Says:

    That is because they are afraid of the truth and should the masses they suppress discover the real facts behind the bull, the preachers will have to get a real job. That is if they are still able… or survive.

  3. solomon Says:

    Preachers…I doubt(false religion)…but Ulamaks(true religion)….I mean real God fearing ulamaks. The securement of a career in the religous ‘industry’ won’t benefit them if they really realize. They are sponsoring truth without life rewards.

  4. solomon Says:

    The Atheists..when one talks about creationism they quickly refute by saying ‘creation of things is not a product of creationism, they are the product of evolution’,trying to confuse viewers thoughts ,hoping every thing including heavenly bodies like the planets etc. is not created. But they can never explain how the planets exists. They can’t resort to their evolution concept anymore.

  5. solomon Says:

    Evolution studies should be scrap from schools or higher institutions syllabus. They are only like some sort of a belief system.

  6. PEB Says:

    I know this is breaking the troll rules but it’s so funny it had to be repeated. From sol yesterday:
    “In Heaven there will be no old folks nor babies. Everybody will be of the same age that is around 33 years old.The old folks will become young and babies will become grownups.”

    I’m assuming that is so god saves money on child care and pensions.
    If sol is a soldier in the “army of god” then the war is already won.

    An interesting fact that I only heard heard yesterday (completely off topic) is that catholic preists back in the day were forced into celibacy so the worlds greediest church didn’t have to financially support them AND their families.

    How sick and twisted is that?!

    Back to the quote finally. Don’t like the it. Armies of god make it sound like the crusades when in fact it’s just a few die hards who will go away in time.

  7. solomon Says:

    Dear Margaret,( on your April 27th. comments)

    I thought the response would come from a man…but nevermind..
    So youre oppose to my “ape analogy” thats fine…but let me ask you a question. But first let me laugh at it….Whaaaa…..ka..ka..ka..
    ok ok,

    Am I silly or someone else is by turning away from a ready half naked lady in front of my eyes? Now were talking about arousal. Don’t try to pretend you have’nt had that experience. Oh…but there are exceptions of course…..gay men.
    A lot of sexual impact to men arise from sight(you should be aware of this), unlike women they are more susceptible to touch….thats why the knowledgeable God closes the first door to arousal…that is the impact of sight. Now do you still want to deny it. Say why don’t you try performing sex fully dressed. Is it more fun?
    You can do better than hiding a strap explosives behind your burqa….wearing a fat women outfit for example. Just don’t give a lame reason for wearing it.
    You call dressed half naked a culture? It actually brings you back to the your great great grandfathers era THE CAVEMAN..where most of them could hardly find decent clothings.

  8. PEB Says:

    Hilarious. Honestly I’m convinced sol is actually Admin having a laugh.

    “thats why the knowledgeable God closes the first door to arousal” – so god makes men and women attracted to each other by giving them wobbly bits and tight buns and then insists that women should cover themselves up with a burqa because otherwise they are ‘asking for it’.

    “to the your great great grandfathers era THE CAVEMAN” – my great, great grandfather was definitely not a caveman.

    It’s interesting that you think ‘cavemen’ used to exist but evolution doesn’t.

  9. Holysmokes Says:

    I think that anyone who is truly convinced of something, will always attempt to persuade a discussion, legislation, or interpret a law to coincide with that belief. The religious do it and so do atheists. When you think you are right, you will defend that position. It’s human nature, however doing it to the point of crushing free will should always be regarded as crossing the line.

  10. Margaret Says:

    Sigh, Groan,
    I don’t get to visit this site daily, hence the rare comments.
    I never said for a woman to dress half-naked as a normal part of culture. I specifically said slacks (that means covered from waist to ankles, probably with shoes and socks, which would cover ankles and feet) and a loose shirt, which could be short or long sleeved, but if not too tight, definitely modest attire. The vehemence with which Sol answers me proves that I hit a nerve on him. Good.
    The minimal exposure I have to Sol, visiting this site as rarely as I do, just confirms for me that religious men are icky. Don’t blame us thinking gals if we find you repulsive, and that does not justify rape. Just use your big head to control your little head.

    Concerning today’s quote, my take on it is that religious people really believe they have made the right choice, and if someone else makes a different choice and is successful and happy, this threatens the religious mindset, because that may mean there is more than one viable option or way of life. That may mean that the religious worldview does not have any inherent superiority over any other, and may actually be flawed. Using force to get others to comply with their choice makes them more comfortable. They care more about being comfortable than about being right, or about freedom.
    Bye guys, probably won’t be able to see you again for several days, working hard, being a productive, law-abiding member of society and all. I think I may adopt policy DFTT, not sure yet. If a few brain cells are jabbed in the religious mind, it may do some good. But is it worth the irritation?

  11. Alavi Hossain Says:

    i would stick to DFTT. it really is not worth arguing with a person like that. the conversation would go on forever, not because he makes valid points, but because you want to understand his stupidity. im sure the troll will see this and have some response about how “you are actually the one it really is not worth arguing with a person like that. the conversation would go on forever, not because he makes valid points, but because you want to understand his stupidity. how can youz not seez theez things clearly like muhammad the prophet and his trusty sidekick the flying horse?” it just never ends with this guy.

    do u know how may years it took for the theory heliocentricity to become accepted? over 200 years. this wasnt because there was a lack of evidence, it was because the church saw it as blasphemy. how is this any different from what we see today in relation to evolution and the big bang? religion is all about control. it’s because of authority and fear that people believe in such nonsense.


  12. solomon Says:

    Dear Margaret,

    So you think religious men are icky. Even if its so it does not pose us any problems living with it. And we don’t regard lusts as the no 1 priority. Submission to God is much more soothing than that. Were not reluctant to turn down offers for fun from gals even if its for free.
    Ain’t what you see around you today regarding womens dressing can be called modest, hanging their mamaries & butts in front of public or at beaches?Ain’t that have become part of your culture?
    Control of lusts is not from the top or bottom head. Its from total submission to God.

    And Peb,
    Being lend a wobly tits or tight buns is not for exposure purpose.If so you will be an equivalent of a baboon or a beast, running around naked or half naked. As for implying expose flesh woman are asking for sex, have you ever asked a female baboon this question Peb?
    “Hello Miss Baboon…would you care to have sex with me with your burqa on…?” Whaaaa….ka…ka…ka..
    Indeed theyre asking for it.

  13. The Heretic Says:

    If total control of lusts is from the total submission to your god, then I fail to see why a burka is needed at all. Sounds to me like there should never be any problems. Or, are Muslim men abject failures in the submission to their god?

  14. Holysmokes Says:

    Implying that women are, “Asking for it” because they fail to dress in a way that muslim men think is appropriate, is an extraordinarily stupid comment in any discussion.

  15. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    I, for one, wish more women were more direct when asking for it. Heh heh heh (luridly).

    It’s clear from the hyper-defensive tone of many god-believers that there is something very dangerous about the beliefs, or non-beliefs, of other people. I’ve always thought this betrays a rather pathetic insecurity. If people were truly secure in their beliefs, would they really need to parade them around in public or try to insert them into public institutions?

    I agree PEB that the ‘armies’ are actually a small band but as Sam Harris points out, the majority moderates give cover to these freaks and allow them to have an impact disproportionate to their size.

  16. tech Says:

    Wow What war of words. God must be pleased with his children today.Atheists feel so intimidated by us who believe in God, I wonder is it because we have the stuff.Nay can’t be ,we’re no treat to you guys………………are we? Christians

  17. PEB Says:

    tech. Please don’t think for one minute you have a friend in Sol. His religion says you “will abide in the fires of hell” along with us atheists.
    Not intimidated. Dumbfounded in the face of stupidity would be more accurate.

  18. tech Says:

    My ref. was to the atheist I haven’t figered out what Sol is yet. He doesn’t appear to be a Christain. I don’t know what he is. Not going to lose any sleep over it either.

  19. Atheist MC Says:

    Oh Tech for Fuck’s sake! Sol is either a complete scam or a genuine muslim, either way he’s not your friend. Unless of course you are the same person…

  20. Admin Says:

    “Honestly I’m convinced sol is actually Admin having a laugh.”

    No – honestly, I couldn’t make sol up if I tried.

    BTW sol – please try to keep on topic.

    Hint: today is not specifically about evolution or clothing.

  21. Alavi Hossain Says:

    solomon=tech? interesting theory. i think tech has a little more compassion for his fellow human being, maybe the same size brain though.

    the reason why a non-believer is intimidated by a believer is due the aggressive and hateful beliefs combined with the money and power to pursue them. we’re certainly not intimated by their intellectual capabilities. i personally find them cute, but ultimately futile.

  22. John Says:


    I invasion the troll as a blasphemes muslin taskmaster who walks around hitting little boys on the bottoms of their bare feet with a stick when they make fun of today’s head bobbing, rope learning indoctrination session; where as Tech, I since needs a “belief” to make the world make since; right or wrong. I am still a bit intrigued and more than a bit curious as to the how and why jc died for “his” sins, although.

    I still wander if the world may not be heading for a WW III religious war because of over population and over indoctrination as well as these armies of god(s).

  23. solomon Says:

    Dear Admin, in due respect I will try to limit my comments as close as possible to the topic.But sometimes in giving response to others colors are added to make the discussions more interesting & lively.

  24. solomon Says:

    Dear The Heretic,

    I was refering to Margeret’s thought that you have to use only your head to control your lusts. I was implying that only using your head alone won’t do or suceed. How many of you have surpass honestly? So only for those who really wants to have a control of it should rely in the total submission to God. Burqa is needed for whom who chooses to use only their little & big heads.