14th December 2007

“I first doubted God's existence at about the age of nine. It was at the school assembly that I lost my faith. We had been given to understand that if we opened our eyes during prayers God would depart the assembly hall. I wanted to test this hypothesis. Surely, if I opened my eyes suddenly, I would glimpse the fleeing God? What I saw instead, it turned out, was the headmaster, Mr. Clinton, intoning the prayer with one eye closed and the other open, with which he beadily surveyed the children below for transgressions. I quickly concluded that Mr. Clinton did not believe what he said about the need to keep our eyes shut. And if he did not believe that, why should I believe in his God?”

Theodore Daniels

2 Responses to “14th December 2007”

  1. Admin Says:

    It’s remarkable how the clumsy enforcement of religious worship in schools leads so many people to atheism!

    In the USA, where they schools are religion-free they have the highest levels of religious belief in the developed world. Yet the churches are banging on the school door wanting to get in. Ironically, it would seem that they would do themselves more harm than good if they succeeded.

    So next time you find yourself brimming with resentment at the way your local churches control the local elementary schools (4 out of 5 in my home town) console yourself with the thought that kids are much smarter than we give them credit for 😉

  2. Renshia Says:

    My son came home one day asking about God. He had to attend a class held in one of our local Catholic schools and the teacher felt it was his duty to include some indoctrination. I told my son that he would have to make up his own mind on what he should believe. After my son asked We attended a a few Sunday services. Taking him to three churches of different denominations.
    He asked me some questions about god and I asked him to talk to the teacher of his class. He came home the next day confused by the teachers answers. We decided that he should talk with a minister and we eventually went to see the youth paster at a local full gospel church, My son had liked the guy when we were there. I noticed after a couple of weeks my son did not mention anything about his meeting or what was happening in his class. When I mentioned it he simply shrugged his shoulders and said that he could not see any point to it. He said his deciding factor was that he could not see himself living his life believing in something no one could explain. I never did find out what the questions he asked asked were. I will admit I was nervous about this search of his. He was aware I did not believe in god, but we had never discussed it to any large degree. But given a chance reason prevailed, I was amazed how he put it all together. Children when given a chance to think for themselves can accomplish amazing things.

    Children when raised being programed what to think instead of how think tend to end up like little lost sheep.