7th June 2010

“When a man claims to be God's representative on earth and that he is infallible, his delusions are going to bump-up against reality from time to time.”


23 Responses to “7th June 2010”

  1. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Ya! We get it. It’s really not just “from time to time”, but “each and every time”.

    Clearly, there is no sanity in religious belief.

    I am so glad that I am not a worthlessly ignorant, arrogant raghead. It is very nice, indeed. I celebrate my freedom from religion.


  2. solomon Says:

    But its different with only this one God’s representative…Mohammad. All his revelations have prooved to be true & can’t be refuted.

  3. John Says:

    So sollie, you are saying muhammad was a catholic priest?

  4. solomon Says:

    No John. He was the messenger of the true God, Allah.

  5. Atheist MC Says:

    Unfortunately the followers of said delusional prophets don’t seem to see reality, even when it repeatedly smacks them in the face.

  6. solomon Says:

    Atheist MC,
    Would you care to elaborate which part smack them in the face if youre the man of truth. Indeed youre a LIAR if you could’nt prove what you said.

  7. solomon Says:

    The Atheists are DOOMED…

  8. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    Yes, Muhammad was infallible. Of course I’m talking about Muhammad Ali in the boxing ring in his prime. The other Muhammad was a pedophile and murderer so, no, he doesn’t count.

    The quote can only be talking about the pope, which is the only office as far as I know that claims for itself infallibility. I don’t get this about hard core, let’s call ‘e shiite Catholics. The FACT of the pope’s fallibility is right there for all to see if nothing else in the way popes contradict one another. They are wrong more than a broken watch. How stupid do you have to be to continue believing their pronouncements?


    DOOMED! DOOMED I TELL YOU!!! Sol, you’re a crashing bore. But funny, so stick around. Maybe someday you’ll say something worth reading. Not likely since your religion has destroyed most of your cortex, but possible.
    Allah = Thor = Baal = Imaginary. Get over it.

  9. solomon Says:

    A toy has a possibility of being build by a toymaker.
    Every creation has the possibility of a creator. Except god of course.
    Nobody could take away that possibility.

  10. Atheist MC Says:

    Every creation has the possibility of a creator. Except god of course.

    How do you know?

  11. Braathwaate Says:

    Solomon, if being gay is wrong in Islam why does Allah promises to supply young diamond-sparkling beautiful boys for some inhabitants of Islamic heavens?

  12. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Here ya go, Sollie:

    Tell us, if you can, What was man created from?


    and remember what you said, “All his revelations have prooved to be true & can’t be refuted.”

    So, which is it?


  13. PEB Says:

    BAT. That’s a great point. If allah or god wanted us to take their representatives seriously then why didn’t he give these people detailed information? Why did allah tell mohammed man was made of clay? Why didn’t he mention water, carbon or DNA? Why not give us detailed medical information? After all – if we were designed then where are the instructions?

    Maybe, just maybe these aren’t the words of god. Maybe they are the words of people who simply didn’t know better at the time?

  14. holysmokes Says:

    Would you look at that Sol? BAT has shown your silly muhammad’s AND the bible’s writings to be rather confusing on just how humans were made. You loose. When you die, you are going to disappear forever just like everyone else. Worms will get into your casket and make holes in you until you turn to space dust. Fortunately you will not know it because you will be dead. You mind will be unable to process any kind of thought because you will have no blood flow. In fact, you can forget about the 72 virgins too because your tally whacker will also be deprived of erection giving blood.

    Since you seem to want to live forever so badly, I recommend the following. You should consider deep-freezing your whole body so that many years from now, SCIENCE will be able to bring you back to life. Obviously your mythical god never will.

  15. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    PEB – god doesn’t do details. If he has to satisfy your curiosity then you are lacking in faith. And therefore damned. Though He gave us a questing intelligence, he will punish us forever if we indulge it.

  16. solomon Says:

    Atheists MC

    ‘Every creation has the possibility of a creator. Except god of course.’
    I know because god told us.

  17. solomon Says:


    The supply of young diamond-sparkling beautiful boys for not some, but to all inhabitants of Islamic heavens is not for sex. Its for catering the needs of the inhabitants like handing over glasses of wine and so forth, in other words like a servant to the inhabitants.

  18. Edmond Says:

    What “needs” could a person possibly have in Heaven? What happens to them if those needs aren’t filled? Will they die again? More mythological nonsense.

    God didn’t tell “us” anything. I never heard him. I only heard YOU, CLAIMING that you heard a god.

  19. solomon Says:

    Bornagain A. Theist,

    You try to twist the interpretation of the verses according to your taste to give a controversial meaning to it. Its true that God create from all that have been said, from clay, water, clot of blood & so forth. It does not mean God created human from each individual matter but a mixture of all the mentioned matters. And Gods words stands true.

  20. solomon Says:

    If god wanted to tell everything in detail then the Qoran will be piled sky high. You are given the brains and other senses. Thats the tool for you to find out.

  21. solomon Says:


    Read these..

    And among His Signs is this: thou seest the earth barren and desolate; but when We send down rain to it, it is stirred to life and yields increase. Truly, He Who gives life to the (dead) earth can surely give life to (men) who are dead. For He has power over all things.


  22. solomon Says:


    I heard it from the Qoran. Help yourself if you want proof.

  23. Edmond Says:

    No thanks. When I want “proof” from a book written by men, I’ll stick to science books. I hope no one drops a glass in heaven and causes someone to cut his foot!