13th June 2010

“Islam is a theocracy. There are but a few voices of enlightened dissent, but these must live under the constant threat of repression.”

Jonathan Goldberg

19 Responses to “13th June 2010”

  1. solomon Says:

    Ahh….just a blantant rant to tarnish Islam. Theres no truth at all what nonsense the quote is blurting.

  2. John Says:

    The truth hurts, don’t it old sollie… You know in my country; we are not mandated to go to church daily without being stoned for not going and I don’t mean unless you got some good shit, either. Hell, we have even managed to have done away with most of those damn stupid invasive clanging bells. ‘Bet your country will never stop those dumbass loud speakers blasting all day for the 5 times a day brain wash sessions! “Nonsense”, my ass.

  3. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    I know you are not after rational discourse in any form Sol – so this comment is not directed to you. If it were, I may suggest that you offer us poor “doomed” “homosexes” something substantive rather than your blathering blatant ranting. The quote actually seems to have 3 elements to it – 1) Islam is a theocracy, 2) Few enlighted dissenting voices, and 3) threat of repression of those voices – it is not clear which of these points are “believed” to tarnish islam.

    Re: Theocracy – someone saying something like Sol said may want to retract the blanket disagreement: Doesn’t islam translate from a meaning of submission to god? That seems to suggest to me some truth to the first point’s assertion of islam being a theocracy. I had thought that islam’s adherent’s try to prove, at a daily, thought-by-muddled-thought level, total, unwavering submission to allah. Am I wrong about that? If you reject the notion of islam being a theocracy, are you not putting someone/something as supreme than your supreme being (and thus not a submission to the supreme being)? I am going to need some further explanation as to why islam is not a theocracy. And if it were a theocracy, is that bad and why would saying so tarnish islam and be nonsensical? [Ed., what do you guys think of that question? If you believe, you cannot really object and if you don’t, you already have your answer…]

    If 2) were true, you could point out where we could find all these voices of enlightened dissent. Oh wait, any dissenter, no matter the degree of dissent, is automagically a doomed heretic and thus becomes unenlightened so that won’t work. Being labeled a herectic simply for voicing any dissent “logically follows” because islam, a theocracy, equates any dissent with disrespecting the supreme being, a decidedly unenlightened (and risky) thing to be doing, s/he/it being so supreme and stuff. So, when disagreeing with this statement, do you believe that the disagreementer believes that there are, in fact, many enlightened voices, or that the disagreementer disagrees that there are any enlightened voices?

    Phew, finally, point 3). It seems that points 1) and 2) are potentially convoluted and could mean different things and disagreement with it may be a bit ambiguous but it does seem that 1) and 2) are actually “potentially logically” true. If 1) and 2) are, in fact true and believed to be true, someone expressing the view that the quote is a blatant rant tarnishing islam and asserting no truth to the nonsense may be focusing on point 3.

    And it seems that, given the preceding, I may have to agree… Because the argument suggests, by loose adherence to special definitions and tongue-in-cheek logic, that there are few, if any, enlightened islamists. Without any enlightened islamists, there cannot be any repression of them and they do not have to live under any threat at all. And by saying that these non-existent persons have anything to fear is bad, bad, bad I say…

    They have nothing to fear that is, until the islamists learn how to blow up a bomb and kill an imaginary person.

    It also follows that any enlightened ex-islamists and non-islamists, enlightened or not, better watch out because they are all too real and non-imaginary.


  4. solomon Says:

    You don’t have to rant at lengthy. Those are only useless lies that you yourself construct or structured it and answered it which is only fit for the drain. Theres no point blurting something that have no truth in it.

  5. John Says:

    Very well stated YourSkepticalGuy and you have handily trumped any of old sollies usual bull crap about how we have no truth or our posts are rants! I loved it!! Just sitting here drinking 2 fingers and listen to Sir Elton. All the Best.

  6. Hypatia Says:


    Those are only useless lies

    I have a Muslim friend who worked in the Gulf for many years. Religious observance was not an option – missing daily prayers or voicing dissent would have serious consequences. In the West we call this repression – but in the Sollie dictionary words obviously mean different things.

    You are the biggest, dumbest liar this site has ever seen.

  7. solomon Says:

    Would you care to explain which part do I represent the biggest, dumbest liar? Your are just blurting useless words.

  8. Braathwaate Says:

    Voices of enlightened dissent coming from Islam? From Bahrain perhaps, it would be easier to find a squared circle than enlightened dissent throughout most of Islam.

  9. solomon Says:

    First they are lost.
    Then they commit sins.
    After that they become Atheist.
    Finally they become gay.

    The chronology of the life cycle of a doomed beast.

  10. Rozmarija Grauds Says:

    Oh solomon, you have my deepest most profound sympathy. Somewhere in your past, when an innocent trusting child, you had something truly dreadful done to you , perhaps by a family member, which put such demons into your head. So sorry, sol, sincerely. How dark your dreams must be.

  11. solomon Says:

    Rozmarija Grauds,
    No youre wrong.I live a happy normal child life.

  12. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Roz is NOT wrong, you silly little queer. I don’t feel sorry for you because you badmouth the very people whose lifestyle you embrace. Give it up; come on out; you don’t seem to remember that everyone on this board sees where you are coming from and where you have been.

    Silly peter puffer… quit trying to hide.


  13. YourSkepticalGuy Says:

    Roz, the answer of course is that Sol was dropped as a baby… dropped into an environment where someone indoctrinated him into a religion, islam apparently.

    One of the worst things that could happen to a child…


  14. Edmond Says:

    Solomon, you said:

    “First they are lost.
    Then they commit sins.
    After that they become Atheist.
    Finally they become gay.

    The chronology of the life cycle of a doomed beast.”

    That is just so… weird.

    Have you ever met a straight atheist? I’ve met many. Many have children. What are you talking about? Just because most atheists support equal human rights (unlike Islam) doesn’t make them all gay. What gives you that idea? Did someone tell you that? Do you just enjoy lumping all the sins you can think of together, whether it makes sense or not? People don’t work like that, not even atheists.

    And the word is “atheist” with a lower case “a”, not a capital “A”. Just use the capital at the beginning of a sentence. We’re not a Registered Trademark, like Scientology or something. I’m an “atheist” in the same way I’m an “animal lover”. Nobody’s an “Animal Lover”.

    I would LOVE to hear a reasoned, intelligent response from you on why you think all atheists are gay. I’m sure the most I can expect is to listen to you “whaaa… ka… ka… ka… “ing off.

  15. solomon Says:

    The chronology I put forth is true.There seems to be a common trait. The atheist did’nt reject it most of the time as if they are proud of the gay trademark. Theres no point of defending your lots Edmond.Well for gay having offsprings, its just a matter of custom or to prove their manhood while their spouse are deserted most of the while. They will only get together once in a while just to plant their seed while their head is fantasizing some others ass. What I say is true. Don’t try to deny it.

  16. Bornagain A. Theist Says:

    Here’s a dandy piece of news from the peaceful world of islam:



  17. solomon Says:

    Somali Islamists Kill Them…

    AAAHHH….! Just putting the name ISLAMIST.
    All fabricated lies!

  18. Edmond Says:

    Solomon, you’re delusional. You’ll believe a long list of crazy fantasies, while rejecting the most obvious reality. I don’t think you’ve met any of these gay married atheists you talk about. I think they’re as invented as Allah is. You are just plumb crazy, and you prove it more and more with each post.

  19. Edmond Says:

    And I think you should stop listening to what the ants tell you. The ants are lying to you.