24th June 2010

“Rather than opposing the class system, does not the [Catholic] church proclaim the class system to be 'natural'? It is easy to understand why a massive corporation trading in religion, with its privileged CEO and board of management should espouse such views and why it is historically hostile to Catholic workers organising with non-Catholic workers to resist the incursions of capital. More pertinent, it explains the criminal action of the entire corporation to cover-up widespread, nauseous sexual practices.”

Richard Montague

4 Responses to “24th June 2010”

  1. FresnoMikey Says:

    Please cite the source. Thank you.
    Excellent quote.

  2. Admin Says:

    It’s from: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/letters/elitism-is-at-the-heart-of-the-catholic-church-14701570.html

  3. CaptainZero1969 Says:

    I just finished a Philip Pullman book last night that goes to the heart of this quote. “The good man Jesus and the scoundrel Christ” is worth a read. It gives as good a reason as any for how an honest preacher’s words were erected into the obscene edifice that is the Catholic church. It’s a story, not a scholarly work.

  4. Devout Atheist Says:

    Amen Brother!
    Great quote.