1st July 2010

“On the surface, [holy scriptures] may appear to have been composed as conscientious history. In depth they reveal themselves to have been conceived as myths: poetic readings of the mysteries of life from a certain interested point of view. But to read a poem as a chronicle of fact is – to say the least – to miss the point. To say a little more, it is to prove oneself a dolt.”

Joseph Campbell1904 – 1987

14 Responses to “1st July 2010”

  1. John Says:

    Got that right!!!

  2. GodKilla Says:

    Just best selling works of fiction, badly written ones at that.

  3. Atheist MC Says:

    The Qu’ran is interesting in this repect because unlike the OT which is a romanticised history, Mohammed obviously set out to create a political tract. It is a deliberate polemic which while plagurising the Bible for its mythology is in all other respects just a rule book for submission to his world view and ambition.

  4. solomon Says:

    Its amazing ain’t it an illiterate dessert dweller could figure everything out in one shot, political,social,science,astronomy,sociology& countless of other philosophies or doctrines..Its just amazing….

  5. Atheist MC Says:

    It would be if it was true Sol, but it takes a very generous interpretation and an awful lot of hindsight to think that the Qu’ran was anything other than the product of its time. Which is why we should not use it as a moral or ethical text, anymore than any other middle ages stab in the dark about how the world works.

  6. solomon Says:

    You just can’t ignor or refute all the evidence that came with it.You just can’t.

  7. Hypatia Says:

    You just can’t ignor or refute all the evidence that came with it.Y

    Give me any meaningful quotation from the Koran and I’ll find you a pre-dating reference from Greek or Jewish literature.

  8. Margaret Says:

    Religous dolts are proud of being dolts. It is a badge of honor. They say, “The wisdom of the world is foolishness, and the word of God is truth.” If the secular world gives resistance to their beliefs, this too is a badge of honor, “being hated for the Lord’s sake, ain’t I great, I get extra brownie points for this.” I used to be Church of Christ, and that is how the dogma goes. Cannot reason with it. Either have to take it or leave it.

  9. holysmokes Says:

    It’s easy to see why people would fall for such foolishness before the industrial revolution. It’s also easy to see how folks today living in 3rd world countries can swallow it. What I fail to understand is how people who are at least marginally educated in math, science and logic can swallow such nonsense. Sol, you are a typical case. You come on here and make comments about how perfect your islamic mythology is, yet you offer no fact, nor evidence. You need to go outside and play.

    One would think that education might correct the human need for mythical beings, yet in most cases it doesn’t. This hardly speaks well for the human race.

  10. Braathwaat Says:

    The Koran & Bible are full of internal contradictions, scientific errors and
    historical blunders.

  11. Atheist MC Says:

    One would think that education might correct the human need for mythical beings, yet in most cases it doesn’t.

    Yeah Verily, it’s a bummer.

  12. Braathwaat Says:

    solomon, refute what evidence? The ONLY evidence christians, jews or muslims have is a fairy tail book written by some bronze age tribesman that they believe to be the historic truth. The real evidence that history, science and archeology find flatly contradict it. Religion requires a blind leap of faith that becomes harder & harder to make as science & reason march forward.

  13. solomon Says:

    From dawn till dusk they rant religion contradicts without bringing forth examples.

  14. Braathwaat Says:

    solomon, the burden of proof is on the affirmative not the negative. There is enough evidence that prove beyond any reasonable doubt the the religions of Abraham are myths.